Daybreaker Sandwiches: Warm Inside And Out

Colle + McVoy advertising campaign for Caribou Coffee transforms a bus stop into a toaster oven.

Advertising firm Colle + McVoy created an innovative campaign for Caribou Coffee by transforming bus stops into mock toaster ovens. Complete with real working heaters, the larger than life installations are designed to promote toasted breakfast sandwiches.

From the firm:

To help Caribou Coffee launch its hot and fresh Daybreaker breakfast sandwiches, we decided to heat things up a bit. To do this, we created ovens out of transit shelters, complete with real heaters and working clocks. This not only allowed us to showcase Caribou’s new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu items, it also benefited Minnesotans during their frigid winter commutes.

Oh, and because it is the point after all, here’s the website for Caribou Coffee.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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