Give Your Stove That Old-Timey Look


Kitchen countertops have a tendency to become cluttered quite quickly. Not only are they used for all manner of kitchen appliances and gadgets, but also as a work area to actually prepare meals. Often the flurry of prep work takes us to a point where we gaze longingly at the stove, not because of the food it may soon deliver, but because of all that unused space. Usually it’s a bad idea to go stacking things on the stovetop, but with this set of two Vintage Embossed Silver Metal Burner Covers the stovetop can be transformed into a nice flat surface, perfect for working with teacakes and mincemeat pies.

***UPDATE 8/19/2013***
The link above is now updated for VINTAGE EMBOSSED METAL BURNER COVERS – SILVER (SET OF 2).

And if the copper ones strike your fancy, just click here: VINTAGE EMBOSSED METAL BURNER COVERS – COPPER (SET OF 2).

Presto chango!

***UPDATE 4/7/2014***

Turns out these things are also found under the name ‘burner kovers.’ So, while not exactly the same, these Range Kleen 5058 Burner Kovers Round Ivy Embossed Silver might help as a starting point to those is search of burner covers, err… kovers. (Also available in white.)

Above is a round set of four, so for those looking for a set of two metal rectangular burner covers (or kovers, whatever…) this DECORATIVE WOOD-TONE METAL BURNER COVERS – OAK (SET OF 2) still fits the bill. And the stovetop. No matter how you spell it.

Happy hunting!


  1. Could I purchase the Vinatage Embossed Silver Metal Burner Covers. I like the silver and would need 2. Where can I buy these online or in the stores.

  2. I want the copper ones…it links me to Amazon and says unavailable. Where or when will these be available???

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