Cow Cheese Slice Holder

Who knew that individually-wrapped processed cheese slices came directly from cows? Apparently they do. At least if the cow in question is the Joie Moo-Moo Cheese Slice Holder Pod. As for which came first? Well, that’s just one of the great mysteries going on inside of the refrigerator.

A Properly Behaved Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Eggs are rather rebellious as far as food items go. Crack one in a pan, and it will spread out just doing what it damn well pleases. However, as unruly as eggs can be, that doesn’t mean they can’t be tamed. When it comes to breakfast sandwich construction, use the Joie Toast Top Egg Shaper… Continue reading A Properly Behaved Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Toast Is Not A Toy

Toast may not be a toy, but it sure can be fun to play with. When cut into strips, it turns into a delicious finger-food ready to be dunked, dipped and devoured. But toast doesn’t come in strips you say? It does if you have the Joie Toast Strips Cutter.