Colander rethink is deep

Cylinder Colander

Kitchen gadgets and gizmos come and go, but there a few that are present in every kitchen and never get a second thought. The colander is a good example of this. After all, it’s basically just a big ol’ stainless steel bowl with holes in it. But for draining pasta and cleaning veggies it can’t be beat. However, be that as it may, sometimes the darn thing is just the wrong shape. Draining pasta is one thing, but when it comes time to scrub leafy greens, more often than not, some escape over the side. As ubiquitous as colanders are, this minor inconvenience rarely gets a second thought. Unless you’re thinking deep.

The Cylinder Colander is a rethink of the classic colander design. Featuring a deep basin to keep wayward veggies from escaping, the colander has all the accoutrements one would expect out of such a kitchen gadget staple, including convenient handles, a stand and evenly-spaced punched holes.

And hey, when you’re done you can flip it over and have yourself a nifty hat.

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