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Turn Here For Freshly-Made Butter

Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker Churn For Home Kitchen

Does your butter have herbs in it? Garlic? Little pieces of sausage? It could. Well, maybe you don’t really want the last one, but customizable butter doesn’t have to be far away.

The Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker (with instructions) is a butter churn for home kitchen use. Consisting of a hand crank and a jar, the kitchen tool takes cream from liquid to butter in minutes (along with some elbow grease).

Of course, it doesn’t take one of these things to make flavored or seasoned compound butter, since there is still the matter of shaping it after the whey has been tipped off. But as long as you’re playing with butter, might as well make it fresh. Yum!

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Never lose another corn holder

Corn Dish and Holder Sets by MSC International - Jo!e

Hey look, somewhere to put those corn holders that always get misplaced! Now, instead of rummaging around in the junk utility drawer for the handy little corn-helpers, you can keep them exactly where they get the most use.

These Corn Dish and Holder Sets by MSC International – Jo!e not only provide a place to store the corn holders when not in use, but also act as an excellent serving device. The oblong shape of the dish perfectly complements an ear of corn, catching all that hot melted butter that may be slathered all over the corn. Good thing you know where to find the corn holders.

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Corn Butter Boat Trays steam away winter blues

Corn Butter Boat Trays

It may be close to grillin’ time in some parts of the country, but other regions are going to have to wait. Grilled meat may be the number one item people think about when breaking out the charcoal, but grilled corn surely deserves a place at the table.

The Corn Butter Boat Trays can help you get through those long nights far removed from a hot grill. It may not be grilled corn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have quick, easy and delicious corn on the cob. The trays allow for the ability to steam an ear of corn in the microwave in about 2-3 minutes. When grillin’ season finally does arrive, you could use these trays to serve those grilled ears, complete with melted butter. Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so long.

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Better Butterer for better buttering

Better Butterer by Progressive

No longer do you have to wrestle with a quickly melting pat of butter when trying to season corn. Butter falling off of the knife or not melting properly can now be a thing of the past. Bypass the butter knife completely with the Better Butterer by Progressive.

Simply place one stick of butter in the device and you’re ready to enjoy hot buttered corn. The contoured shape fits over the surface of any ear of corn, and the butter melts as it comes in contact with the hot corn. With no knife for the butter to fall off of, the butter stays on the corn, and not on the plate. Better buttering is a breeze with the Better Butterer.

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Better baking biscuit butter by Butter Butler

Butter Butler
Novelty food items are a lot of fun, but they usually prove to be ultimately worthless. Sometimes, the fun is just in trying to come up with an actual use for them. In the case of the Butter Butler, there may be no end to the possibilities.

Operating like a Play-Doh Fun Factory the Butter Butler squeezes out fun shapes of butter. Simply place the butter in the gadget, choose a shape and extrude. You probably never thought you would need long strands of butter, but sometimes unnecessity is the mother of invention.

Consider biscuit making. The idea is to “cut” the butter in without entirely melting it. Also, a minimum of mixing is preferable in any biscuit-making endeavor. So, what if this device actually could help? It’s possible after all. As far as I’m concerned, when biscuits are involved, the more research the better. And hey, if that doesn’t work, I’m sure I could come up with some sort of butter spaghetti application.

(Serious Eats via Dvice via Book of Joe)

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