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No More Wayward Kernels Or Corn Juice Splatters

RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper

The RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper removes kernels from corn on the cob without making a mess. Comprised of a cylindrical tube and a plunger type device, the corn gadget eliminates “wayward kernels and corn juice splatters” as the results are collected in the bottom of the tube. As for shucking the corn in the first place? Well, word on the street (and by street I mean farm) is that a few minutes in the microwave will do the trick.

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To Serve Corn

1-Step Corn Kerneler

Like a UFO ravenous for corn, the 1-Step Corn Kerneler removes kernels from the cob without leaving a trace. Just place the flying saucer-shaped gadget over an end of the cob, and press down in one single motion. Kernels are removed and captured in the device itself, hopefully to be whisked away for a benevolent use. Like corn casserole. Or corn chowder. Or corn fritters. Or corn on the cob. Oh, wait not that. But everything else goes.

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Corn Off The Cob

Corn Cutter

Corn, contrary to popular belief, does not come from cans. Before that side dish reaches your plate, each and every kernel has to be removed one by one, and by hand. Previously, this tedious process required dozens of man-hours per ear, however, thanks to modern ancient technology that no longer has to be.

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Corn Capper reinvents corn capping

Corn Capper -- corn holders

Along with the rest of humanity, I thought the issue regarding the holding of corn in the hands while eating was resolved. Apparently we were all wrong. Working in a not-so-secret laboratory somewhere, one enterprising individual has revealed the folly of our ways by creating a new product: The Corn Capper.

It turns out those pokey little corn-shaped holders aren’t the end all of corn holding technology. They do suffer one fatal flaw: it is necessary to grasp the hot corn in order to jab them into either end of the cob. This moment of discomfort can now be avoided by simply installing the Corn Capper before cooking the corn. They slide right on to any sized cob and offer full coverage for easy gripping. This must be how ancient man felt when upgrading from a square wheel to one that is round.

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Never lose another corn holder

Corn Dish and Holder Sets by MSC International - Jo!e

Hey look, somewhere to put those corn holders that always get misplaced! Now, instead of rummaging around in the junk utility drawer for the handy little corn-helpers, you can keep them exactly where they get the most use.

These Corn Dish and Holder Sets by MSC International – Jo!e not only provide a place to store the corn holders when not in use, but also act as an excellent serving device. The oblong shape of the dish perfectly complements an ear of corn, catching all that hot melted butter that may be slathered all over the corn. Good thing you know where to find the corn holders.

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Corn Butter Boat Trays steam away winter blues

Corn Butter Boat Trays

It may be close to grillin’ time in some parts of the country, but other regions are going to have to wait. Grilled meat may be the number one item people think about when breaking out the charcoal, but grilled corn surely deserves a place at the table.

The Corn Butter Boat Trays can help you get through those long nights far removed from a hot grill. It may not be grilled corn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have quick, easy and delicious corn on the cob. The trays allow for the ability to steam an ear of corn in the microwave in about 2-3 minutes. When grillin’ season finally does arrive, you could use these trays to serve those grilled ears, complete with melted butter. Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so long.

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