Go Ahead And Enjoy It: Hot Dog Roller For The Grill

Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller -- for use on the grill.

Eternally-spinning hot dogs are quite mesmerizing; they seemingly hover upon a set of rollers, slowly spinning, wafting aroma into the air, beckoning us just to grab a bun and some mustard and dig in. But all too often, those rolling hot dogs don’t live up to expectations. Nothing cleanses like fire, and the Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller knows this. Designed for use on the grill, the hand-held hot dog accessory provides a convenient way to accept the siren song calling without suffering a convenience-store fate.

*** UPDATE 6/8/15***
Product link above was outdated and removed, but here is a similar hot dog roller for the grill:

Cuisinart CHDR-225 Hot Dog Roller

Just in time for summer… well, make that anytime. Keep them ‘dogs forever rolling!

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