Grow Your Own Pizza Kit

Grow Your Own Pizza Kit

It’s important for kids to know where there food comes from. For example, they should be made aware of the fact that pizza grows on trees. They might not believe you (being the bright little critters they can be), so you might just have to prove it to them. Slowly.

The Grow Your Own Pizza Kit comes packaged with bright, kid-friendly appeal and contains packets of seeds as well as starter pots to help seedlings (as well as young imaginations) grow.

Of course, there is always a good chance they will lose interest in the project well before the first sprouts begin to show (being the impatient little critters they can be). Not to worry, there is still a learning opportunity–order a pizza and bring it in from the backyard. They’ll believe anything you say after that!

What’s inside:

1 packet of tomato seeds
1 packet of basil seeds
1 packet of oregano seeds
3 coconut husk starter pots
3 coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered
3 wooden plant markers
Sow & Grow booklet with growing tips and puzzles

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