Betty Crocker And Pillsbury In Cahoots About Pie

Betty Crocker says: Pie Lovin’ This has been declared the “Year of the Pie” and we are seeing (and eating) creative takes on pies everywhere – from sweet to savory

Foodland — (BTKS Investigative Reports)–In a display of interdepartmental cooperation, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have revealed that both brands are in support of 2011 being “Year of the Pie.” Both under the umbrella of General Mills, the two culinary powerhouses have separately issued press releases supporting this finding. Just goes to show the power of pie and BTKS is pleased. Pie is superior to cupcakes, and with the marketing power of a global company, the world will soon agree. Mwahahahahahaha!

Pie Lovin’
This has been declared the “Year of the Pie” and we are seeing (and eating) creative takes on pies everywhere – from sweet to savory.

The rest today’s press release follows and includes links to the deliciousness.

The Forecast is in: Betty Crocker and Erica Domesek Predict Summer of DIY Fun

Betty’s Top 10 Culinary Trends inspire DIY ideas

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Summer entertaining is about to get a lot more fun. Betty Crocker announces the Betty 10: Red Hot Summer Trends – fresh, new takes on 10 traditional summer foods.

“Summer is a season of celebrating fun traditions, and we are finding that people are looking to update these traditions with new personal twists,” said Cheryl Welch, director, Betty Crocker Kitchens and Food Content. “We teamed up with DIY guru Erica Domesek from P.S.- I made this to bring Erica’s fantastic DIY ideas and Betty Crocker’s fresh, on-trend recipes together for even more summer fun.”

“Betty Crocker is the original DIY icon – showing culinary enthusiasts how to create delicious recipes,” said Domesek. “I am honored to partner with Betty in declaring this the summer of DIY and can’t wait to pair these inspired recipes with my DIY ideas for fabulous summer get-togethers!”

To help consumers get a jump on personalizing their summer culinary plans, Betty Crocker has identified the top 10 summer food trends and created a new recipe for each, which can be found at Domesek has created a DIY idea inspired by each of the Betty 10: Red Hot Summer Trends to give consumers inspiration for creating festive summer decorations from everyday items, which can be found at The trends and ideas include:

Cheeky Tiki
Originally inspired by South Pacific culture, the fun, over-the-top Tiki trend is back in a big way Рfrom food to drink to home d̩cor to fashion.

* Recipe: Mai Tai Tiki Pops – Rum-spiked frozen treats take the flavors of a Tiki cocktail – the Mai Tai – and turn it into a fruity (and boozy) ice pop.
* DIY Idea: Mai Tai Brooches – Don’t throw out those tropical drink umbrellas! Use them to craft a colorful Mai Tai brooch – a fashion must-have that’s perfect for any summer fete!

New Takes On Cupcakes
Dessert lovers everywhere are inventing new and interesting twists on the classic cupcake – even looking to retro refrigerator, or “icebox,” desserts for inspiration!

* Recipe: Lemon-Ginger Icebox Cookie Cupcakes – These “cupcakes” are made with cookies – which, when stacked between layers of whipped cream and then chilled, become cake-like.
* DIY Idea: Cupcake Liner Flowers – Create colorful, flower-like centerpieces and bouquets that last all summer simply by using cupcake liners and floral wire to create the illusion of petals.

Spice It Up
Bold and big flavors are all the rage, updating classic foods through new flavor combinations and cooking techniques – and we are seeing this more than ever in flavoring heritage, do-it-yourself dishes with trendy ethnic spices.

* Recipe: Fresh Sriracha Refrigerator Pickles – Add a new twist to classic refrigerator pickles with a hot, Thai-inspired sauce that spices up your garden bounty – no canning equipment required!
* DIY Idea: Spicy Statement Necklaces – Tap into one of the summer’s biggest fashion trends and turn up the heat by creating a bold statement necklace using colorful beaded trim and ribbon.

Move Over, Meat
With vegetarian (and flexitarian) eating gaining popularity, more and more people are seeking meatless options that don’t skimp on flavor.

* Recipe: MONSTER Veggie Burger – This larger than life veggie burger is loaded with fresh vegetables and tasty chickpeas and moves veggies from the side to the center of the plate.
* DIY Idea: Fruit and Veggie Place Cards – Use your garden go-to’s to create place cards for your dinner parties by cutting veggies in half and hollowing out the insides. Cut out paper tags, scribble your guests’ names and slice an opening on top of vegetable to hold name tag.

Easy. Freezy. Fun.
Frozen ice cream novelties are the ultimate summer treats for adults and kids alike. And with more and more enjoying it at home, interest in homemade ice cream and frozen pops is on the rise.

* Recipe: Fruity Fro-Yo Fun Bars – Make fun frozen yogurt treats yourself! This novelty-inspired dessert has only four ingredients and a few simple steps, so it’s easy to make with the kids.
* DIY Idea: Accent Mirrors – Save your novelty sticks for a chic sunburst mirror that will brighten up any room. Use a round mirror as a base and glue sticks around the edges. For an ultra luxe look, spray paint the sticks gold.

Thrillin’ Grillin’
Grillmasters everywhere are taking lessons from the “tableside” preparation trend, using the grill to bring excitement and flavor to unexpected dishes.

* Recipe: Grillside Guacamole – Fresh avocados, sweet onions and other tasty veggies take on flavor from grilling, while a sprinkling of Mexican Cotija cheese gives this dish an even more delicious twist.
* DIY Idea: Grilled Place Mats – Get inspired by the iconic checker and diamond patterns created on a grill near you. Use fabric markers and a ruler to create a grill-like motif on plain pieces of cotton fabric, turning them into one-of-a-kind place mats.

Kid Food Grows Up
The foods that we loved best as kids always inspire special memories – and none of those are more memorable than the foods of summer. Adding a grown-up twist makes them even better than you remember, like upscale mac and cheese or cocktail-inspired malts.

* Recipe: Beer Snow Cones – These grown-up snow cones are made from granita-style beer “snow” and a drizzle of fruity simple syrup.
* DIY Idea: Tie Dye Everything – Tap into your summer camp days when tie dye was all the rage by gathering your friends and family together for an outdoor party where a DIY day is all about DYE. Reach for rubber gloves, rubber bands, a clothes line with pins and a bevy of colors to create with. You can create tees, bags and dresses that you’ll want to sport all summer long.

Pie Lovin’
This has been declared the “Year of the Pie” and we are seeing (and eating) creative takes on pies everywhere – from sweet to savory.

* Recipe: Mini S’mores Hand Pies – These mini hand pies take everything we love about s’mores – crunchy graham crackers, melty chocolate, ooey-gooey marshmallows – and put it into a handheld pie pocket that delivers a perfect taste of summer.
* DIY Idea: Pie Dish Candle Centerpieces – Create a sweet tabletop sensation by repurposing a pie dish into a multi-wick candle. Set short wicks in a circular formation in the pie dish and pour candle wax into the dish, infusing your candle with your favorite scent and colors.

Backyard Green Grocer
Gardens are a summer staple. And more people than ever are “shopping” in their own backyard gardens – or the local farmer’s market – to create flavorful summer dishes full of their favorite veggies.

* Recipe: Green Garden Fries – Fast food meets the backyard! These crispy green “fries” are made from fresh garden veggies. Oven fried and served with a lemony Greek yogurt dipping sauce, they are the perfect summer side dish.
* DIY Idea: Green Thumb Stationary РAfter you plant your garden, cut out the vivid images of produce and flowers on seed packets and d̩coupage them to plain note cards, creating cute collages. Send summer greetings, or tie several cards and envelopes with a piece of string for a gift set of personalized summer stationery!

Switch Up The ‘Wich
Sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food – from old favorites like PB&J and grilled cheese to new obsessions like Korean tacos. We’re seeing this trend in everything from food trucks to restaurants devoted to a singular type of sandwich.

* Recipe: Greek Grilled Cheese Tacos – This Mediterranean-inspired dish reinvents the familiar grilled cheese sandwich in taco form. Grilled Greek halloumi cheese, fresh veggies and herbs are stuffed in a flour tortilla for a portable, fun new take on the sandwich.
* DIY Idea: Flying Disk Sandwich Trays – Combine the food and fun factor this season and serve your sandwiches on a playful platter – the flying disk. Line disks with a colorful bandana and arrange sandwiches neatly.

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