Spices Dressed Up As Condiments (Don’t) Shake It Up

‘Mustard & Ketchup’ Ceramic Shaker Set

I like these, if only because of the fact they don’t bug me. I better explain that: the salt is where the salt should be and the pepper is where the pepper should be. In other words, somebody was paying attention. If forced to choose which spice would dress up as which condiment, I’d have to go with salt/ketchup and mustard/pepper, just like these salt and pepper shakers.

The Tag Earthenware Ketchup and Mustard Salt and Pepper Shakers gets it right. Mustard can carry a bit of heat just like pepper can, and salt, well, as king of the spices it seems right at home masquerading as king of the condiments. Of course, the designer could have just guessed—they did have a 50/50 chance to get it right after all. And then again, the ketchup does kinda look like a bottle of hotsauce…

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