Corn Capper reinvents corn capping

Corn Capper -- corn holders

Along with the rest of humanity, I thought the issue regarding the holding of corn in the hands while eating was resolved. Apparently we were all wrong. Working in a not-so-secret laboratory somewhere, one enterprising individual has revealed the folly of our ways by creating a new product: The Corn Capper.

It turns out those pokey little corn-shaped holders aren’t the end all of corn holding technology. They do suffer one fatal flaw: it is necessary to grasp the hot corn in order to jab them into either end of the cob. This moment of discomfort can now be avoided by simply installing the Corn Capper before cooking the corn. They slide right on to any sized cob and offer full coverage for easy gripping. This must be how ancient man felt when upgrading from a square wheel to one that is round.

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