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Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser

Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Tea for two… to the moon! The Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray will take you places. Or at least it will take you straight up as you wake up. The stainless steel tea gadget features an awesome rocket design and clips on to the side of a tea cup or mug. When the nitro brew is fully steeped, just pluck out the spaceship and set it down on the included drip tray.

Sorry, galaxy shown not included.

Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser

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Big Mouth Toys The Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock

Big Mouth Toys The Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock

The baconocalypse is upon us. And here we all thought the upcoming bacon shortage was bad news. Nope. It gets worse. Bacon worse.

Signaling the end to life as we know it is the Big Mouth Toys The Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock. Every morning until the end, you too can wake up to a shaking piece of bacon. It wiggles and sizzles and raps about yummy bacon too. Truly, the impending baconpocalypse has doomed us all. Doom!

The silly bacon dude dances, raps and sizzles to wake you up in a new and exciting way. Set the alarm and awake to him rapping about his love of bacon and the sizzle of bacon cooking. All that is missing is the yummy bacon smell.

This gag gift brings to mind another useless gadget that once made the rounds. Oddly enough, it appears the Big Mouth Billy Bass faced shortages too. Hope does remain: perhaps that Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock seen above is waving goodbye!

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Behold, The Butterfly Fork!

Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork

A butterfly knife may make a great presentation when it gets whipped out, but you can’t eat anything with it. (Plus, a fast-moving blade lends itself a little too well to nicks and cuts.) But finally, there is a way to combine eating with snazzy utensil moves.

The Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork offers the showiness of a deadly weapon without all the deadly or weapon to go with it. To make things even better, the business end of the utensil includes a bottle opener. Plus, imagine how fast the line will open up next time at the buffet!

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Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets

Soup can do a lot of things. It can nourish, it can cure the common cold (well, at least make a cold more tolerable), and it can do one other surprising thing: it can be art.

The Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets might not be edible, but they sure can spice up the kitchen. Stick ’em on the fridge and show everybody how you support soup. Or art. Either way.

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Aussie Ice Slushy Maker Makes Slushys To Go

Aussie Ice Slushy Maker

It’s hot. Hot everywhere you go. Stay cool. How? Slushy on the go!

The Aussie Ice Slushy Maker is a no-frills cooling contrivance designed to chill on the go. Just keep it in your freezer and when it comes time to beat the heat pull it out and add your favorite drink — because chances are, your fave drink will work. Designed to slushify everything from sodas and juices to energy drinks and chocolate milk (eww), the reusable mug cools down liquids in about two minutes. And for all your portable cool down needs, the chill maker comes with its own combination straw spoon, so there is no need to sneak one away from the Slurpee stand at 7-Eleven.

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Take R2D2 To Lunch

Thermos R2D2 Novelty Lunch Kit, Star Wars with Lights and Sound

Robots don’t eat much. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t make for excellent dining companions — especially when they carry your lunch. The Star Wars Thermos R2D2 Novelty Lunch Kit with Lights and Sound looks to not only lend a helping hand (or perhaps, some fancy retractable gadget), but he also apparently supplies mood lighting and pleasant conversation. Or beeps and whistles as the case may be. But no worries if you don’t understand the little helper, at least he won’t be talking with his mouth full!

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