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Tea Time On The Go

Thermos Sipp 16-Ounce Leak Proof Drink Bottle with Tea Infuser

Time spent brewing tea is time that could have been spent doing something else, like driving to work or watching paint dry. Okay, well, maybe watching tea brew is more exciting that watching paint dry, but not by much. Regardless, a method to brew and run would be appreciated by commuters and painters everywhere.

Enter the Thermos Sipp 16-Ounce Leak Proof Drink Bottle with Tea Infuser. Featuring an all-in-one construction that combines a tea infuser with a travel mug, the handy device is sure to make a splash with tea drinkers — no matter if working on a masterpiece or mastering the work commute.

July 25, 2012   No Comments

Take R2D2 To Lunch

Thermos R2D2 Novelty Lunch Kit, Star Wars with Lights and Sound

Robots don’t eat much. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t make for excellent dining companions — especially when they carry your lunch. The Star Wars Thermos R2D2 Novelty Lunch Kit with Lights and Sound looks to not only lend a helping hand (or perhaps, some fancy retractable gadget), but he also apparently supplies mood lighting and pleasant conversation. Or beeps and whistles as the case may be. But no worries if you don’t understand the little helper, at least he won’t be talking with his mouth full!

July 9, 2012   No Comments