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Rack Up Some Fruit On The Grill

Fruit Grill Rack

Some grill accessories create inspiration simply by existing. Burgers and hotdogs may dominate the grilling landscape, but the proliferation of specialized grill racks means that those old standbys are going to have to give up some space on the grill. We’ve seen the Chile Pepper Grill Rack, we’ve seen the Chicken Rack, and now we have the Fruit Grill Rack to add to the arsenal.

Priced at only twelve bucks, the stainless-steel contraption provides an inexpensive way to secure round fruits and vegetables on the grill. Perfect for apples, peaches, pears or even tomatoes, the no-nonsense design eliminates the balancing act normally required when jostling round food about on the grill. Safely secured in one location there may even be enough room left over for the occasional hamburger and hotdog.

April 29, 2010   1 Comment

Beak Steeper: Penguin Tea Timer

Penguin Tea Timer

I never thought hot water and penguins mixed particularly well, but—at least when it comes to brewing tea—this particular penguin takes to it like a duck to water. Place a cup of hot water under the beak, attach either the included tea strainer or your favorite bagged tea, and set the timer. The bag lowers into the hot water, and automatically rises when the time is up.

Able to be set for up to twenty minutes, the Penguin Tea Timer can also be used as a traditional kitchen timer. Perhaps most important of all, as the product description states, “at $11.89, the price is not steep at all!”

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The Home Cook Who Has Everything Probably Doesn’t Have One Of These

The Oven Rack Puller by Jonathan Spoons

Faced with a question of what to get for the cook who has everything? I bet they don’t have one of these!

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April 9, 2010   1 Comment

Spices Dressed Up As Condiments (Don’t) Shake It Up

‘Mustard & Ketchup’ Ceramic Shaker Set

I like these, if only because of the fact they don’t bug me. I better explain that: the salt is where the salt should be and the pepper is where the pepper should be. In other words, somebody was paying attention. If forced to choose which spice would dress up as which condiment, I’d have to go with salt/ketchup and mustard/pepper, just like these salt and pepper shakers.

The Tag Earthenware Ketchup and Mustard Salt and Pepper Shakers gets it right. Mustard can carry a bit of heat just like pepper can, and salt, well, as king of the spices it seems right at home masquerading as king of the condiments. Of course, the designer could have just guessed—they did have a 50/50 chance to get it right after all. And then again, the ketchup does kinda look like a bottle of hotsauce…

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Watch Condensation Form: Now With 40% More Fun

Flowing City Coasters by Megawing

Drink coasters usually don’t do much. Sit there and protect the coffee table from condensation, that’s about it. Pretty boring stuff. However, these Flowing City Coasters by Megawing do more than just soak up our drinks. Made from silica gel, the coasters are formed into the shape of Taipei, Taiwan and allow for condensation to become trapped in the alleys and streets. Pretty neat and more fun than watching those annoying white circles work their way into the tabletop.

(Via Oh Gizmo)

Flowing City Coasters by Megawing - close up

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Two Garlic-Shaped Garlic Keepers (And A Garlic Chopper Too)

Garlic Keeper - Terracotta by MSC International

Garlic is a finicky thing. Some may say that even a little is too much, while others say that there can be no such thing as too much of good thing. Whether you like, love or hate garlic, its pungency isn’t the only aspect that requires a little attention: Where the heck are you supposed to store the stuff?

In the cupboard? In the fridge? On the counter? In a hanging basket with other fruits and vegetables, shedding garlic paper and imparting its essence to everything it touches?

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