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The Sound Of One Hand (Opening Cans)

Chef’n EZ Squeeze Can Opener

Two hands are better than one, but that doesn’t mean they should be dedicated to doing the same thing at the same time. At least when it comes to cans, there is a way to double your productivity. The EZ Squeeze Can Opener by Chef’n features a stainless steel cutting blade and a magnetic end for catching lids. The main highlight is its easy one-handed operability, freeing the other hand for doing other tasks like grinding salt and pepper, or opening even more cans. (As long as you’re right-handed with both hands or are into opening cans upside-down.)

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Make Your Own Stuffed Olives with the Olivator

Olivator Olive Stuffer by RSVP International

Olives are great and all, but there is no reason why we can’t make them greater. As we all know, adding one food item to another only makes for a greater food item. Any items that have been wrapped in bacon or dipped in peanut butter are both good examples. Well bacon and peanut butter may be the kings of combination, but that doesn’t mean the little ol’ olive can’t get its due.

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Time’s Up For This Hamburger

60-Minute Hamburger Kitchen Timer

Not all hamburger dreams are delicious. Some are tainted, not with suspect meat, but with spinning and whirling parts that make more noise than they should. (Especially nightmarish considering that a hamburger shouldn’t make any noise.) However, once in a while, along comes a burger designed to chime its way into our hearts (without the cholesterol, that is).

Case in point: The 60-Minute Hamburger Short Ring Alarm Kitchen Timer. Measuring around 3-inches across, the charming kitchen gadget keeps track of time in one minute increments. And whether or not your hamburger dreams are pleasant and tasty or filled with mechanical burgers bent on revenge, with about a four second bell duration, this burger timer is a lot more pleasant than an alarm clock.

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1-Up All the Other Arcade Mugs

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Just when it was thought the pinnacle of videogame-themed drinkware was achieved, along comes a new player to the arcade. Featuring Pac-Man Pac Boy and Space Invader Space Intruder graphics, the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs make a game out of drinking coffee.

Revealing themselves in all their retro-styled graphical glory when filled with a hot beverage, the mugs transform from an empty game field to one filled with attacking aliens and pesky ghosts. It won’t take a pocketful of quarters to defeat these enemies: a few quick gulps of your morning brew and these baddies disappear. Which is a whole lot cheaper than pumping quarter after quarter in the machine to fight the good fight. So, in a way, these mugs actually pay for themselves.

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A Toast (and a Shot) to Atari

Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack

Inspired by a recent Nerd Approved post, I felt it necessary to coordinate my drinkware with retro video game art. Most important when updating a drinkware collection is the necessity to acquire glasses for any occasion, from a black tie affair, for which this Atari Black Pint Glass 4 Pack would be appropriate, to everyday use such as the pint glasses in the Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack would provide. Of course, no evening would be complete without the Atari Shot Glass 6 Pack.

And it should go without saying, coffee in the morning is necessary to wash the shame away. Only one coffee cup in the world would suffice: Atari “You Never Forget Your First” Coffee Mug.

What better way to celebrate Atari than by putting them in a gallery…

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Imaginative Crust Cutters are Nothing to Puzzle Over

Lunch Punch Match & Munch puzzle making crust cutters

Puzzles fire the imagination; food fuels everything else. (Well, food ultimately supplies the fuel for everything, but hey, who’s counting?) To a young mind, food that is shaped like something it is not, can be a spark leading to bigger and better things in life—or maybe they just hate crusts. Either way, the Lunch Punch Match & Munch and Critter Cutters have them covered.

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