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Twist To Chop Garlic

Rosle Garlic Cutter

Garlic, being the all-powerful little clove that it is, can be used in so many ways. But after all the roasting, frying, slicing and grating, there is always good ol’ chopped garlic to come back to; it goes with everything. Far from being the new black, chopped garlic is an old standby, always in style. It’s just how you chop it that changes.

The Rosle Garlic Cutter offers an easy way to chop garlic. Simply fill with peeled garlic cloves and grab it when ready. With a twisting motion much like a pepper mill, the garlic mill delivers freshly minced garlic with a minimum of effort. Perfect for garlic lovers who consider garlic a spice on par with salt and pepper.

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Where’s the beef? Leave a message.

Cow Chalkboard

Clara Peller may have left the building, but before she left she made sure we all got the message by asking, “Where’s the beef?” in her raspy, distinct voice. Television commercials were her medium, but the rest of us have to rely on a more old-fashioned approach (or YouTube, I suppose).

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Let them grab cake

The Magisso Cake Server, designed by Maria Kivijärvi.

Designed by Maria Kivijärvi, the Magisso Cake Server is an elegant option for slicing and serving cake. Cut from a single piece of mirrored stainless steel, the utensil acts both as a knife and as a spatula. Sliding the implement through cake, and then squeezing it shut accomplishes service in one easy motion. Seeing it in action is a bit like imagining what it would be like to simply reach out and grab at a slice of cake—except this way you won’t ruin the cake for everybody else.

The Magisso Cake Server

The Magisso Cake Server with Cake

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The chemistry set you eat

Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set

This is the chemistry set of today. Those semi-dangerous labs-in-a-box are a thing of the past. Nowadays, they aren’t going to pack anything remotely dangerous into those learning kits, so you might as well look elsewhere for real fun. Since Junior no longer has the capability to produce searing acid baths for his action figures, the modern chemistry set might as well produce something useful: food!

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Take me to your raclette party

Unold Flying Raclette

If only all parties involved some kind of helicopter-UFO appliance. Or at least melted cheese. With the Unold Flying Raclette you get both! Made for melting or browning cheese, which is then served with potatoes, meat and vegetables, the sci-fi looking kitchen gadget is a new take on a traditional raclette grill.

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Rolling out the gyoza with the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

Bandai Namco Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

Part of Bandai Namco’s “Cook Joy” series, the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker simplifies the process for making the delicious dumplings. Looking something like a printing press or a cash register, the brightly colored box gives consistent results with a simple turn of the crank. Designed to produce perfect gyoza every time by ensuring that the precise amount of filling lands right in the center of the skin, the gyoza is sealed shut as it passes through the rollers. (An additional set of rollers is included specifically for making wontons.) Upon completion, the finished product drops into a little drawer ready to be steamed or pan-fried. It’s like getting a little prize every time.

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