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On with the gifts, off to the wine

Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Wine lovers are perhaps the easiest people to buy gifts for. You can always buy them a bottle of wine and be done with it. Or, you can delve into the deep, deep world of wine accessories. From decanters to bottle stoppers, gadgets exist at every price and interest level. For an impressive gift, decanters are the way to go, and since they come in so many shapes and varieties, they offer a good opportunity to add a little personal flair.

The Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System is a unique decanter that combines form and function. Deceivingly simply in presentation, the decanter features a wine-spray funnel that directs wine to the glass walls, creating a shimmering wine waterfall. Designed to aerate as the wine descends, the tiny droplets pick up oxygen as they spray down the sides. Additionally, a fine mesh screen in the funnel filters out sediment, which further makes the wine immediately ready to enjoy. The best part is, that with ready-to-drink wine on the table, it’s easy to get past the gift giving and on to the celebrating.

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You too can fondue

Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set

Fondue couldn’t be easier than with this Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set. No matter if you prefer sweet or savory, broth or oil, the fondue of your choice is as simple as can be. A stoneware insert allows for 2-quart capacity bourguignonne fondue, while if you prefer cheese or chocolate, a 3.25-cup capacity stoneware insert will do the trick. The electric pot also features a variable temperature dial eliminating the need to fuss with an uneven flame. The fondue set includes six serving forks, and recipes are also included. You too can revisit (or visit for the first time) a classic communal party meal designed to bring people together. Also makes for a great gift.

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Your favorite toppings mixed right into your ice cream

Cuisinart Mix It In Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

Hey, you like ice cream, doncha? And you like toppings on your ice cream right? Sure you do – whether they be jimmies or sprinkles these little extras add crunch and texture to ice cream dishes. But wouldn’t those toppings be better mixed in with the ice cream?

The Cuisinart Mix It In Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker is specifically designed to add to the ice cream experience. The 1.5-quart capacity maker is capable of creating soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet or sherbet. When ready, up to three toppings can be selected to dispense along with the ice cream. The end result is a delicious frozen treat, with toppings throughout.

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