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Rachael Ray Green Garbage Bowl

Rachael Ray Green Garbage Bowl

Really, the Rachael Ray Green Garbage Bowl was chosen for this post mainly to use ‘Rachael Ray’ and ‘garbage’ in the same sentence. But to be fair, it does look like a nice bowl. For garbage.

Product Description:
Stop running back and forth to the garbage can! Save time in the kitchen by tossing your food scraps, wrappers and other waste in Rachael Ray’s handy Garbage Bowl. Keep it next to your cutting board while you chop and you’ll be sitting down to eat in no time! The non-skid bottom keeps the bowl in place on your counter while you work.

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Unicorn Apron For Serving Up Magic And Rainbows

Prime Cuts Of Unicorn Apron

As everyone knows, unicorns are delicious. But you have to know what you are doing when you portion one up; like any animal, the beast has cuts that are tender and not-so-tender. For quick reference to what part is what, be sure to use the Prime Cuts Of Unicorn Apron. With this one piece of kitchen apparel, you’ll be able to get it right, from head to tail. Or rather, make that from magic to rainbows.

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Cupcake Measuring Spoons Also Make Muffins Maybe

Cupcake Shaped Measuring Spoons Pink Baking Tool Gadget

I would say this cupcake thing has gotten far out of control, but I doubt many would agree with me; there is no denying that cupcakes are portable and delicious. They probably don’t use these Cupcake Shaped Measuring Spoons down at the cupcake store in the mall near you, but then again, they just might. In any event, the set of four overly-cute cupcake-themed prep tools can be used for whatever you decide to bake. Probably.

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Juice All At Once

Takeya Flash Chill 66-Ounce Lemonade Maker Set

There is never enough freshly-squeezed juice. Whether it be orange, lemon or some other citrus liquid deliciousness, the sad fact is that there never seems to be enough to go around. It doesn’t have to be that way.

[

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Make Your Own Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer Pounder Metal Gadget

So, you want a knuckle sandwich, eh? Okay, no problem! Coming right up…

…would you like wheat bread or rye? Oh, you thought “knuckle sandwich” meant something else? No, no. We’re serious about sandwiches around here. In fact, knuckles are quite useful for all manner of food prep. Especially if you have the Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer Pounder Metal Gadget on hand (ahem).

Product Description:
Get out that pent-up aggression while preparing your meat with this cool Kuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer. Looks just like traditional brass knuckles but instead of “knuckles” there is a tenderizer grid. Its made of heavy aluminum alloy & its grooves make it easy to hold and pound the meat. Now what are you waiting for? Pound it out !

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Excuse Me, But There Is A Hare In My Salad

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers Set of TWO Bunny Easter Dinnerware by DCI

Salad is rabbit food, as they say, and no better way is that proven than with these Rabbit Ears Salad Servers. When lurking in the salad bowl, this set of two salad utensils act as an amusing accessory at the table. The fork and spoon salad serving set might make a good way to get kids interested in salad, but then again they might be disappointed to find that there is not a real bunny rabbit at the other end of those ears.

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