High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover

Cooking is messy business. When it is not food scraps littering the workspace, it’s spills and splashes finding a way to get on and in to everything. One way to keep grease from raining down on the stovetop is with the High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover. Like any splatter screen, it features a fine… Continue reading High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover

Could’ve Had A V8–But Which One?

Even after all these years, do you still occasionally feel like you ‘could’ve had a V8’? It’s a classic advertising campaign that millions are familiar with. However, modern times require a bit more sophistication in communication and Campbell’s, makers of the vegetable and fruit juice blend, have done so by creating two new flavors to… Continue reading Could’ve Had A V8–But Which One?

Would You Ventu?

It doesn’t exist yet, but it could with your help. The Ventu Strainer Bowl, a Quirky project is a mash-up between a colander and a serving bowl. For whatever reason, colanders have always enjoyed a reputation as something to avoid in the kitchen–it is just too tempting to try to strain pasta and whatnot with… Continue reading Would You Ventu?

Go Ahead And Enjoy It: Hot Dog Roller For The Grill

Eternally-spinning hot dogs are quite mesmerizing; they seemingly hover upon a set of rollers, slowly spinning, wafting aroma into the air, beckoning us just to grab a bun and some mustard and dig in. But all too often, those rolling hot dogs don’t live up to expectations. Nothing cleanses like fire, and the Stainless-Steel Hot… Continue reading Go Ahead And Enjoy It: Hot Dog Roller For The Grill

King’s Hawaiian Bread Recipes

Companies will take any opportunity to issue a press release. In the case of King’s Hawaiian Bread, the occasion is the turning of the seasons. Sounds like a good excuse as any. Especially because they included a couple of recipes in their press release. Ham, cheese, spinach, eggs, syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and of course, bread.… Continue reading King’s Hawaiian Bread Recipes