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Cherry Chomper hungry for cherry pits

Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter by Talisman Designs

This cherry pitter looks hungry. In fact, judging by the expression, I’d say the Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter downright loves cherry pits. Which is OK, because as much as this little guy appears to like ‘em, I don’t like cherry pits.

The cherry pitter chomps down on inserted cherries — or olives too, but don’t tell him that — and collects the pits in a reservoir in his belly. Pop the cherry out via access in the back, and you’ve got yourself a fresh cherry ripe for eating. With the enthusiastic Cherry Chomper by your side, it won’t take long before you have yourself a nice big bowl of (pit-less) cherries. From Talisman Designs.

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1 TJ { 05.07.09 at 11:20 am }

I like this!! I think I might get one for my sister.

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