Chocolate Chilli Mustard

There is always room in the fridge for one more condiment. And if that one more condiment happens to be a mustard/chocolate/chili flake combination, well, then perhaps it’s time to clean out the fridge. Clearly, Uncle Roy’s Chocolate Chilli Mustard is the last condiment you will ever need. (Via Cool Material)

3075-cc Of Chrome-Plated Drink Dispenser

Living full-throttle means living without diluting the experience. Another way to say the same thing might be to say someone is going whole hog. What a coincidence how those two things go together with a Harley. And a drink dispenser. The Harley-Davidson Chrome-Plated Beverage Dispenser amps up the party without watering it down. An ice… Continue reading 3075-cc Of Chrome-Plated Drink Dispenser

Dali On A Toaster

Um… Yes, that’s Dali’s Meditative Rose up there on that toaster. And that’s only the beginning. Also included in the Russell Hobbs Dali Arts Collection is a kettle with Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening and a coffee maker featuring The Persistence of Memory. Click through… Continue reading Dali On A Toaster