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Cute Kissing Spice Owls

Cute Kissing Owls -- Westland Giftware Life's Little Journey Life is a Dance Owls 2-3/4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

The name could use a little work (Westland Giftware Life’s Little Journey Life is a Dance Owls 2-3/4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers), but the results are nice. These–we’ll call them cute kissing owls–are designed by Lori Siebert and are salt and pepper shakers that sit together in a fun pose. Looks like they are not quite available as of yet, but that might only because of the ‘new’ tag they have up on Amazon. When will they become available? Only the wise would know.

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Sad Toast

Sad San Diego Chargers Toast

Seriously, the Chargers have a stupid logo. Especially considering how they have been playing. But fear not, sports fans: There are 31 other NFL Protoast Toasters to choose from!

But if for some reason you insist on being a Chargers fan, it should be noted that the above image was manipulated and the official Chargers logo doesn’t form a frowny-face. Yet.

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Just A Few Random Gift Ideas

Molecular Gastronomy Kit by Cuisine R-EVOLUTION

For the budding scientist…

Molecular Gastronomy Kit by Cuisine R-EVOLUTION

Product Description:
Algae extracts and other texturing agents will help you play with the texture of juices, sauces, creams and dressings. Create original dishes with caviar beads that burst in the mouth, light or iced airs, creamy ravioles and nouveau genre spaghettis. Enter a new era of cooking, the creative cuisine of renown chefs at your fingertips!

For the tool hound who likes to drink on the job…

[

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Gobble Gobble!

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Pizza Sleeping Bag

Pizza Sleeping Bag

When is $300 for a slice of pizza a good deal? When it is a handmade Pizza Sleeping Bag of course. Etsy user brookish7 created this masterpiece and then put it up for sale. Not surprisingly, it didn’t last long. Looks like that (oh-so-common) dream of curling up with the perfect slice will have to wait a bit longer.

(Via Gizmodo)

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Where’s My Beer Pager?

Beer Pager

Okay, I get the temporarily misplaced can of beer phenomenon. It is a terrible cost of modern living and something simply must be done about it. But the Beer Pager? Consisting of a drink coozie, a coaster and a remote paging device (a.k.a. a button), it seems pretty clear that the only thing this contraption will do is find where I left that damn coaster.

Unless… that coozie is glued to the coaster which in that case this is the greatest device ever invented.

Product Description:
Where is my beer? Clicking the remote device on the Beer Pager unleashes a satisfying burp and flashing lights so you can easily locate your beer can up to 60 feet away and even through walls! Holder keeps your beverage cold, too. Holder operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). Remote batteries included.

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