Presto Peel-a-Meal Electric Potato Peeler

“Never again.” It’s a pretty good bet those words have been spoken aloud quite often during the past few days. But before we all experienced National Hangover Day on New Year’s Day, we had those pesky resolutions to consider. While there were certainly many utterances banishing fatty and greasy foods to the depths of oblivion,… Continue reading Presto Peel-a-Meal Electric Potato Peeler

Orange Peelers

These Orange Peelers may not have a catchy name, but they do look to be handy little pieces to have about the kitchen. Considering the amount of words that rhyme with orange, it’s probably a good thing the designers stopped where they did instead of trying to come up with a too-cute clever name. Might… Continue reading Orange Peelers

Spin The Peeler

Different peelers are designed to do different things. Some are designed for soft-skinned fruits and vegetables like kiwis and tomatoes, while others are meant for tougher produce like carrots and potatoes. A third option is the julienne peeler, used to create matchstick-like thin strips. With three different blades for three different uses, the Joseph Joseph… Continue reading Spin The Peeler

Three-point shot goes wide for this basketball gadget

With the NBA Playoffs dribbling towards their inevitable conclusion (Cleveland in 5 over L.A.), it seems appropriate to highlight a basketball-themed kitchen gadget. With so many kitchen gadgets on the market it seems a bit difficult to choose only one. In that regard, here is the Magic 3 in 1 Basketball Peeler Bottle Opener Storing… Continue reading Three-point shot goes wide for this basketball gadget