Retrosink: Nicknames Of The States Map

Every cook loves pig. Every eater loves pig. As Homer Simpson learns, it is “some wonderful, magical animal!” (Check out more bacon-related Homer quotes). Above find an old-timey map from 1884’s sole manufacturer of Hill’s hog ringers, H.W. Hill & Co. Decatur Illinois. And if you are looking for the subject matter, you can pick… Continue reading Retrosink: Nicknames Of The States Map

Sea Stones Stemware

Sea stones and the delicate nature of wine stemware usually don’t mix. (Unless imbibing by the sea, of course.) However, that’s exactly what these Sea Stones Stone-Stemmed 12-Ounce Wine Glasses have gone and done. Literally. Product Features: * 2 Stone stemmed wine glasses * Contemporary glasses made entirely from recycled glass and stone * Stone… Continue reading Sea Stones Stemware