Squirrel Coffee Cup

Um… it’s a Squirrel Coffee Cup. The squirrel is not included. It’s currently $6.73. For a little porcelain cup. Like little-little. Just over an inch square. Nope, I don’t get it. But for those that do, here’s a squirrel* to go with it. *Squirrel not shown to scale

Retrosink: Nicknames Of The States Map

Every cook loves pig. Every eater loves pig. As Homer Simpson learns, it is “some wonderful, magical animal!” (Check out more bacon-related Homer quotes). Above find an old-timey map from 1884’s sole manufacturer of Hill’s hog ringers, H.W. Hill & Co. Decatur Illinois. And if you are looking for the subject matter, you can pick… Continue reading Retrosink: Nicknames Of The States Map