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Beware Of The Skeleton Apron Chef

Black / White Skeleton Print Barbecue Apron BBQ Bones

Don’t trust a skinny chef, as they say. But what about one that is all skin and bones? Or in this case, only bones? If I were you I would keep a close eye on whoever is wearing this Skeleton Print Barbecue Apron. Or more importantly, keep a close eye on what they are cooking!

**UPDATE 3/26/2013** The link for the skeleton apron above has turned to dust, so here is a Skeleton Glow In The Dark Costume T-Shirt instead. Because even though you can’t trust a skinny chef, at least whoever is wearing this has nothing to hide.

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Sea Stones Stemware

Sea Stones Stone-Stemmed 12-Ounce Wine Glass, Set of 2

Sea stones and the delicate nature of wine stemware usually don’t mix. (Unless imbibing by the sea, of course.) However, that’s exactly what these Sea Stones Stone-Stemmed 12-Ounce Wine Glasses have gone and done. Literally.

Product Features:

* 2 Stone stemmed wine glasses
* Contemporary glasses made entirely from recycled glass and stone
* Stone wine glasses embody an intriguing sword-in-the-stone design and feel great in your hand
* Can be used for red wine, white wine and as a water goblet; dishwasher safe; air dry
* Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects; Made in the US

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Finding Flavor A Citrus Section At A Time

Progressive Citrus Keeper Set, LKS-05CDP by Progressive International

A splash of citrus does so much for so many recipes. One squeeze can brighten up anything from salad to steak. But what to do with the remainder of the lemon or the lime? Sure, baggies are always an option, but then that means reaching into a funky bag at some time in the future. The Progressive International LKS-05CDP Citrus Keeper Set has a better idea.

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Wine Cat Doesn’t Want To Share

Hand Made Designer Wineholder

Yikes! That is one spiky cat.

Be careful reaching for that wine–it looks like the Hand Made Designer Wineholder “Cat Kitten Pet” Wine Holder doesn’t want to share! Happy Friday the 13th!

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Orange Peelers

Set of 4 Round Orange Peelers, a Simple and Practical Way to Peel Oranges

These Orange Peelers may not have a catchy name, but they do look to be handy little pieces to have about the kitchen. Considering the amount of words that rhyme with orange, it’s probably a good thing the designers stopped where they did instead of trying to come up with a too-cute clever name. Might have ended up with something like Porange Eelers! Actually… Nah. In any event, product features below.

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Sküüzi Drinking Apparel

Sküüzi - The Scandinavian Koozie!

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t have to mean the good times need stop flowing. Or the beer either for that matter. One way to stay warm on the outside while warming up on the inside is with the Sküüzi – The Scandinavian Koozie! (Emphasis theirs.)

As we all know (at least those of us over the age of 21) the volume tends to go up in direct proportion to the amount of beers that have been opened. Here’s to thinking that the designers have created a quality product and don’t happen to just be shouting. Cheers!

(via Like Cool)

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