Happy Owl’oween Bobblehead Wine stopper

It may not yet be Halloween, but don’t tell that to the Happy Owl’oween Bobblehead Owl Wine Stopper by Peachy Kitchen! This little guy perches upon opened bottles of wine and stops them from being trick-or-treated away. Well, tricked away at least; the treat part is up to you!

The Original Shot Flask

Drinking is an activity best shared with others. Booze flasks are a portable drinking conveyance meant for one. However shall the two concepts come together? Enter The Original Shot Flask. The flask has an 8 ounce capacity and hides a collapsible 2 ounce shot glass that stores directly into the side of the flask. Finally… Continue reading The Original Shot Flask

Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press

Sometimes two small things are more desirable than one large thing of the same nature. Hamburgers fall into that category. As delicious as a monster burger may be, there are times when all it really takes to hit the spot is a couple (ahem) of small ones. The Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press… Continue reading Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press