Spooky gingerbread house is a home for candy corn

Fox Run Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House Kit

As far as gingerbread houses go, Halloween seems like the perfect holiday for them. Candy flows freely during this time of year, a happenstance that offers mounds of sugary treats just waiting to be converted into building supplies. Alas, the fat man in the red suit has usurped this logical practice, turning gingerbread houses everywhere into gumdrop-adorned travesties of tradition. Well, no longer!

The Fox Run Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House Kit offers the ability for kids of all ages to decorate a gingerbread house the way it was meant to be. Plastic pumpkins and pillowcases full of chocolate treats finally have a place to end up aside from turning into a melted glob of goo found under the mattress months down the road. Perhaps most importantly, this gingerbread house finally supplies a place to put all that horrible candy corn. Comes with seven cookie cutters, a cardboard base and an icing set for decorating.

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