Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I mean, Who-lloween! I mean Hoot-lloween! Hey, we believe in proper grammar around here, so it must be these guys saying it: Whimsical Halloween Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Adorable Halloween Decor by Burton & Burton. I bet they can at least say “trick or treat” correctly. Be safe out there!

Alphabet Fridge Magnets

Whoa! That is some kinda word up there! Spell it out and it says “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.” There’s only one way I know how to pronounce that: ab-ca-def-gi-jeckle-mi-nop-kwer-stoov-wix-iz! If you are interested in getting this most remarkable word ever seen for your refrigerator, luckily it does come in magnet form. However, be aware, for some reason these… Continue reading Alphabet Fridge Magnets