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Eclipse Wine Rack begs to be stared at

Nambé Eclipse Wine Rack, designed by Neil Cohen.

Designed by Neil Cohen, the Nambé Eclipse Wine Rack is only for the brave. While I doubt staring at its curvy structure for too long will cause any permanent eyesight damage, your heart however, may be another matter.

I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with storing wine that is supported solely by the neck of the bottle. Good thing I don’t have any high-priced varietals hanging around to test just how sturdy it is. Or $200 in my 3-bottle wine rack budget for that matter. However, it certainly looks cool; just don’t stare at it for too long.

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Give wine the spins for a change

Revel Wine Wheel

Practically everybody has had that feeling: Uh-oh, I think I may have had one too many glasses of wine. The world starts spinning and it quickly becomes time to sit down. While there may not be much you can do while waiting to sober up, what you do after can vary. You learn from your mistakes and learn how to pace yourself, or you can look to exact revenge on the demon juice that caused this outrage in the first place.

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On with the gifts, off to the wine

Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Wine lovers are perhaps the easiest people to buy gifts for. You can always buy them a bottle of wine and be done with it. Or, you can delve into the deep, deep world of wine accessories. From decanters to bottle stoppers, gadgets exist at every price and interest level. For an impressive gift, decanters are the way to go, and since they come in so many shapes and varieties, they offer a good opportunity to add a little personal flair.

The Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System is a unique decanter that combines form and function. Deceivingly simply in presentation, the decanter features a wine-spray funnel that directs wine to the glass walls, creating a shimmering wine waterfall. Designed to aerate as the wine descends, the tiny droplets pick up oxygen as they spray down the sides. Additionally, a fine mesh screen in the funnel filters out sediment, which further makes the wine immediately ready to enjoy. The best part is, that with ready-to-drink wine on the table, it’s easy to get past the gift giving and on to the celebrating.

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Painting with wine

Stemglass Tray

It’s not an artist’s palette, but after using this you can pretend you are one. Developed by a restaurant in Japan, the Stemglass Tray allows for easy carrying of up to seven wine glasses at a time. Complete with thumbhole for easy steadying, the wine tray encourages responsible drinking; it looks as if one gets too tipsy the whole thing comes crashing down.

Of course, this is designed for restaurant use, so there should be no problem with the waiters drinking on the job, since they’re all starving artists anyways. I’m sure they’re getting their drink on when attacking the canvas after work. Oh wait, waiters are often struggling actors, right? We might have a problem then.

(Boing Boing via TokyoMango)

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See no evil, hear no evil, taste no wine


These three little wise monkeys may have an aversion to wine, but perhaps they are just watching over it for you. In fact, that’s exactly what these Banana Kids Wine Stoppers by Alessi are meant to do. Some may consider them to be turning a blind eye towards your imbibitions, and perhaps that’s not too bad of an idea. As the saying goes: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If you’re using these wine stoppers to save a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, then these monkeys are wise indeed.

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Wine Tote stretches and keeps cool

Built NY Wine Tote

Did you hear? Winter is over. (Well, almost.) Soon it will be time to venture back outdoors and gather with friends and family. Food is practically a requirement at most get-togethers, but wine always makes a nice splash too.

Consider the Built NY Wine Tote for all your wine traveling needs. Made from neoprene, it stretches to accommodate most common sized bottles. Easy to carry, the tote insulates wine or champagne for up to four hours. As an added bonus, the bottles have their own compartment so they wont be clacking together (or breaking) while on your way to the party.

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