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Zipzicle Figures It Out: Neoprene Ice Pop Holder

Zipzicle Neoprene Ice Pop Holder

Somebody finally figured it out: ice is cold. While this is a good thing for making tasty treats on a hot summer day, actually holding the ice treat is a pain. A cold, numbing pain. Now, our fingers can be saved from the torture that is such pleasure for our mouths.

Zipzicle, makers of convenient, but necessarily revolutionary zip baggies to make freezer pops, have created the Zipzicle Neoprene Ice Pop Holder. Specially designed to fit their zip top bags, the ice pop holder makes it easy to make and eat delicious ice pop. This round of ice pops clearly goes to Zipzicles.

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Coozie Plus Wine Equals Woozie

Oenophilia Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeve Safari Collection Party Pack

Beer drinkers have it made when it comes to keeping their drinks cool. Coozies for bottles and cans are plentiful, and perfectly suited for keeping ice-cold beer, near ice-cold. Wine drinkers, in contrast, do not have it so easy. Using a wine glass for a drinking vessel may be the proper way to enjoy a glass of nice, crisp white wine, but they don’t do a great job of keeping wine cold—despite the stem. (Not to mention filling an ice chest with glassware isn’t such a good idea.) Despite all the forces of nature conspiring against wine drinkers, there is help on the way.

The Oenophilia Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeve Safari Collection Party Pack keeps wine glasses cool despite the temperature outside. Packaged as a set of four, the bright and fun material stretches around wine glasses, saving wine drinkers from the need to precariously balance their glasses by holding on to the stems. Which of course, becomes a less reasonable way to hold a wine glass as the evening goes on. Also available in a Caribbean Collection.

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A Square Placemat For A Round Table

Round Table Neoprene Placemats

You would think that not a lot of thought goes into placemats; they basically are just crumb catchers designed to mask sloppy eating habits, right? Other than the actual design that is printed upon them, you would be right to conclude that there isn’t much to them. Which is why the darn things are always, always rectangular.

For those that find themselves with a round table in their lives, they wish that a little thought would go into placemat design. They can bring ice cream to the moon, but they can’t bring a proper placemat to the table, these round-tablers might think. Unless they found themselves a set of these Round Table Neoprene Placemats. Cut to fit round tables, these placemats fit squarely flush against the edge of round tables just like a good placemat should. Good news for those who are tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole–or just the round table sloppy eaters who happen to need every inch of coverage.

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Wine Tote stretches and keeps cool

Built NY Wine Tote

Did you hear? Winter is over. (Well, almost.) Soon it will be time to venture back outdoors and gather with friends and family. Food is practically a requirement at most get-togethers, but wine always makes a nice splash too.

Consider the Built NY Wine Tote for all your wine traveling needs. Made from neoprene, it stretches to accommodate most common sized bottles. Easy to carry, the tote insulates wine or champagne for up to four hours. As an added bonus, the bottles have their own compartment so they wont be clacking together (or breaking) while on your way to the party.

March 17, 2009   1 Comment