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Spice Up The Spice Rack With A Twist

Nambe Twist Spice Rack

Spice racks are a generally overlooked item in the kitchen. After all, no matter how good one looks it is what they hold that is infinitely more interesting. However, while you can’t cook with a spice rack, you still have to look at it.

The Nambe Twist Spice Rack puts a spin on the traditional by combining aesthetics and function in one piece of countertop kitchen gear. The rotating unit is comprised of acacia wood and a distinctive metal alloy familiar to Nambe products. Includes 16 bottles with thyme, curry powder, oregano, red pepper flakes, basil, onion powder, tarragon, bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, garlic powder, paprika, coriander, cumin, mustard and chili powder. Although at a price of two hundred bucks the box most likely was sitting around for some time; you may want to replenish some of those spices.

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Piece Of Cake Isn’t

Nambé Rocks Cake Plate

Eating pie and cake is dangerous sport. Somehow the expression ‘piece of cake’ evolved to mean something that was quite easy to accomplish. Considering just the amount of wedding-cake fiascos and pies-in-the-face that occur on a daily basis, this saying is something of a farce. Perhaps we let it slide because cake is so sweet and delicious. In any event, the actual serving of a piece of cake usually isn’t fraught with tension. While the Nambé Rocks Cake Plate might not be on par with any cake-related mishaps you may have experienced, its off-center base provides just enough excitement to keep things interesting. Overzealous cake-cutters may want to beware.

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Eclipse Wine Rack begs to be stared at

Nambé Eclipse Wine Rack, designed by Neil Cohen.

Designed by Neil Cohen, the Nambé Eclipse Wine Rack is only for the brave. While I doubt staring at its curvy structure for too long will cause any permanent eyesight damage, your heart however, may be another matter.

I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with storing wine that is supported solely by the neck of the bottle. Good thing I don’t have any high-priced varietals hanging around to test just how sturdy it is. Or $200 in my 3-bottle wine rack budget for that matter. However, it certainly looks cool; just don’t stare at it for too long.

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