Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set

Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set in Gift Box

Bowling and cheese go together like… well, I have no idea. Maybe cheese as in on a pizza? And pizza and beer go together, and beer and bowling go together? No, while all true that might be a stretch… Maybe because bowling is cheesy? No, bowling was never really exploited to the point where it could be cheesy. (Now if they started wearing matching sequined uniforms…) Bowling is just, bowling. Aha! I got it. Bowling is for everybody, just like everybody loves cheese. And beer. And pizza. Whatever, just go with it.

Whatever the connection is between bowling and cheese, it doesn’t matter as bowling-fans and cheese-lovers alike can enjoy this Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set in Gift Box. Featuring four bowling pin cheese spreaders that rest inside a ceramic bowling ball, the novelty contraption will come in handy for all your bowling and cheese needs–whatever those may be.

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