Missing Corn Syrup

Corn syrup often gets overlooked in the pantry. Although Karo, the corn syrup people, have issued a press release containing sweet recipes, they seemed to have missed a good opportunity. Not only are the associated photos reminiscent of faded 70s cookbooks, but they are small and not at all appetizing. (Clicking on photo will not… Continue reading Missing Corn Syrup

Red Velvet Cake To Share Or Not To Share

Can’t bake a cake to save your life? Relax, help is available. The mouth-watering Red Velvet Cake by Sweet Street Desserts seen above might not be available at your local supermarket, but you can order it online (from Barnes & Noble, no less!) and tell everyone you baked it yourself. Don’t worry, when it comes… Continue reading Red Velvet Cake To Share Or Not To Share

See’s Says Lollypops On July 20

Today is apparently National Lollypop Day–not too bad of a choice of a thing to give its own day. However, just like “every day is Kid’s Day” some things don’t really need any special attention. So, this particular ‘Day’ goes one step further. See’s Candies, the makers of those wonderfully delicious little chocolates, is celebrating… Continue reading See’s Says Lollypops On July 20

Quicker Than Zoku

The popular Zoku Quick Pop Maker has a lot of things going for it, but sometimes freshly-made freezer pops in as little as seven minutes is just not quick enough. Fear not, freezer food fans, the Zoku Storage Case has the answer. The sturdy contraption offers long-term storage in the freezer for up to six… Continue reading Quicker Than Zoku