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Then And Now: Hot Cheese Puffs

Hot Cheese Puffs Betty Crocker recipe card. File under: The Do-Aheads

From 1975: Betty Crocker Hot Cheese Puffs recipe card. The flip side has the step-by-step process. Read on to see it… and the results from now!

Hot Cheese Puffs Betty Crocker recipe card. Side two: Step-by-step process. File under: The Do-Aheads

See the picture. I flipped one over so you can see the golden brown and delicious underside. I would’ve taken more pictures, but somehow they disappeared too fast!

Following the recipe (sort of) from Betty Crocker's Hot Cheese Puffs Recipe Card from 1975. Somehow ham got involved.

Ok, so the recipe wasn’t followed. Two kinds of non-processed cheese were used. No measuring cups were harmed (aka dirtied) in the process. Cloves of garlic were added. Somehow ham got involved. The results, however? Yum!

Easy to cook, fun to customize, delicious to eat. Highly recommended. Snacktacular!

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