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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Until that time when Han In Carbonite Popsicle Mold becomes a reality in our freezers, his ship will have to do. You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your hands your very own Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray. And if you really have your heart set on a frozen Han popsicle treat, the company does offer the Kotobukiya Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Silicon Tray, as well as general-use molds for R2-D2, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and X-wing fighters. Yikes! That’s a lot of cold Star Wars!

Product Description:
From a galaxy far, far away this Kotobukiya silicon Millennium Falcon ice tray comes blasting in from Hyperspace. Create Ice, Jello, Chocolate, cookies, etc in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. The Millenium Falcon silicone ice tray is heat (230 celcius or 446F) and cold resistant, as well as oven and microwave safe! Great for baking or freezing. Add some fun to your parties with Star Wars ice cubes and treats!

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Prepara Ice Balls–Because Cubes Are So Square

Prepara Ice Balls

Ice cubes are so square. The new way to drink is in the round. Spherical, that is. These Prepara Ice Balls come as a set (for you and three friends) and brighten up the freezer as well as your drink. Get creative and add mint leaves, juice or fruit segments for a drinking experience that is sure to leave the guests asking for another round.

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Monkey Silicone Pot Holders

Monkey Silicone Pot Holders

How many monkeys does it take to cook a meal? Two! At least when you have the Monkey Silicone Pot Holders at the ready. (And they might even do the dishes for you too!)

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Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

Jokari Silicone Bottletop Baster

When using barbecue sauce right out of the bottle there is little reason to pour it into a bowl before slopping it on the chicken and ribs. Why have an inbetweener? While emptying it out straight from the bottle might be fast, it’s not the best way to get maximum coverage, but slathering it on with a brush would do the trick. The Jokari Silicone Bottletop Baster lets grillmasters skip the mess and head straight to the good stuff. Just squeeze, baste and eat!

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Eww… Mustache Mold

Mustache Silicone Baking Mold

No, not that kind of mold, but the kind you use to make things into shapes. But still… eww. If, for whatever reason, you have felt like eating a mustache, the
Mustache Silicone Baking Mold will help you achieve that goal. Fill it with cake batter, gelatin, cheese, or whatever and the result will be a mustache-shaped foodstuff that the mustachioed and non-mustachioed alike will not be able to resist. Maybe. In any event, delicious or not, whatever you make it won’t last as long as a mustache finger tattoo, but that’s probably a good thing.

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A Properly Behaved Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Joie Toast Top Egg Shaper

Eggs are rather rebellious as far as food items go. Crack one in a pan, and it will spread out just doing what it damn well pleases. However, as unruly as eggs can be, that doesn’t mean they can’t be tamed. When it comes to breakfast sandwich construction, use the Joie Toast Top Egg Shaper to reel in wayward eggs. By the time the toast is done, you’ll have a well-adjusted egg, ready for it’s place in society the sandwich.

March 20, 2011   1 Comment