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I Am A To Go Cup

I Am A To Go Cup from DCI.

I am not sure what I like best about this I Am A To Go Cup design. First off, there is the name. No mistaking what this thing is. Then there is the little liquid container that screws into the cap. Clever. One can keep wet ingredients away from dry. Then, to top it all off, it comes with its own fork – and the kicker is that the cap acts as a utensil rest to boot. Nice design all around. Perfect companion for that paper cup that isn’t — just keep it straight which one is which.

May 2, 2012   No Comments

Burger In A Bento Box

Hamburger Bento Lunch Box

This two-tier Hamburger Bento Lunch Box would make for a nice way to transport a cheeseburger. Put the burger on the bottom and the buns on the top and by lunchtime they won’t be a soggy mess. Or put rice and veggies in it like you are supposed to, but that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it? It is a burger lunchbox after all.

April 9, 2012   No Comments

Dimpled Deviled Egg Trays

Set of 2 Deviled Egg Trays w/ Snap On Lids - Holds 36 Eggs

Some foods practically require being served in specialty serving devices: little indented snail plates for escargot (preferably in a spiral snail design), jars for pizza in a jar (eww?) and of course, funny-looking dimpled plates for deviled eggs.

Not only do the Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays with Snap On Lids satisfy the requirement for a dimpled surface, they also provide latching lids, so those little devils can be properly served wherever you happen to go.

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Back To Work–Don’t Forget The Coffee

GROSCHE Glassen RED hand made double walled glass insulated travel coffee mug, 350 ml (12 fl oz)

It might not be the most practical of travel coffee mugs (being made of glass and all), but it certainly looks good. For those that appreciate the ability to see what lurks at the bottom of the coffee cup, check out the GROSCHE Glassen RED hand made double walled glass insulated travel coffee mug, 350 ml (12 fl oz). Actually, the see-through mug might not be such a bad idea considering how murky the first few days of the new year can feel! Cheers!

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Bicycle Wine Rack

Bicycle Wine Rack

Wine is meant to be shared with others. And that means getting it to these ‘others.’ For the (apparently only on a men’s) bike-bound, the Bicycle Wine Rack looks to lend a hand. Just don’t slam on the brakes while cycling to your destination. Perhaps the whole shebang would slide forward and the wine bottle would stay nestled in the holder, or perhaps the inertia will carry the wine and bottle forward leaving the base holder behind. Perhaps the neck end would then twist so as to stall the bottle from smashing to the ground. Perhaps it would work. For $35 you can find out. Recommended for Two Buck Chuck.

November 4, 2011   1 Comment

Have Margaritaville, Will Travel

Margaritaville Travel Case for DM0900 Series Model NBMGAD0900-000

If you’re going to travel, travel in style. That means taking the means to make your own cocktails with you. And if you happen to have the Margaritaville Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker, the only way to go is with this Margaritaville Travel Case for DM0900 Series. All the details on this finery in the product description below. Ice not included.

Take the party with you! This rugged plastic hardcase is designed to store, protect and transport the Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker DM0900 series to whatever latitude you desire. It sports a sturdy handle and a stainless steel latches to secure the Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker when its time to pack up the party. The hardcase has individual molded in locations to hold the Frozen Concoction Maker with a battery, the charger and an extra battery. Constructed from durable blow molded plastic, with fun Margaritaville design and details make this hardcase a conversation starter before you even fire up your Frozen Concoction Maker!

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