The inventor of the personal microwave is… Heinz?

There are portable microwaves already on the market, but those suck up a lot of juice. Since these contraptions require a lot of power, you see them designed for cars, boats and the like. The Beanzawave changes all that and brings microwaveability to the desktop, powered only by a USB connection. The mini-mic is only… Continue reading The inventor of the personal microwave is… Heinz?

O-Grill on the go

Finally, an answer to true grill portability. Anybody who has ever tried lugging around the top and bottom of a grill will understand; most grills don’t clasp shut, meaning that two hands are necessary to carry it ultimately resulting in two greasy hands. Instead of grabbing the grill at all angles in an attempt to… Continue reading O-Grill on the go

Handpresso: Espresso to go…anywhere

If you’re like everybody else (and really, who isn’t?), then you are sure to have more than a mild appreciation for coffee. Unfortunately, there is not always a coffee house nearby to fuel our caffeine needs. The Handpresso Wild Portable Espresso Machine solves this problem by working without electricity. With only hot water, an ESE… Continue reading Handpresso: Espresso to go…anywhere

Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Some kids never learn. Or at least it seems like they never learn. Either way, if you are a young parent sick of holding back the tears over spilled milk, check out the Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl. Working like a gyroscope, the brightly colored bowl steadies itself whenever handled. Now when your young one picks up… Continue reading Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Pack up the cool with the Circulon Induction Burner

It looks cool, and it is cool. This 15-inch Infinite Circulon Portable Induction Burner stays cool to the touch when cooking. Instead of a traditional gas flame or electric burner, the portable cooker works via induction, which transfers heat directly into the cooking vessel. Why waste all that energy heating up the air around your… Continue reading Pack up the cool with the Circulon Induction Burner