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Take me to your raclette party

Unold Flying Raclette

If only all parties involved some kind of helicopter-UFO appliance. Or at least melted cheese. With the Unold Flying Raclette you get both! Made for melting or browning cheese, which is then served with potatoes, meat and vegetables, the sci-fi looking kitchen gadget is a new take on a traditional raclette grill.

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It’s my (wok) party and I’ll cry if I want to

Mini Table Wokset

There is no way this Table Wokset is a good idea. The small, 4-centimeter tall (really?) mini-woks may look colorful and appealing, but in no way could perform like, you know, an actual wok. With such a small area to work with, ingredients can’t be moved around to different temperature zones. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the question whether this crazy contraption can even put out the heat necessary for the high heat cooking commonly associated with wok cooking. Most likely, this 6-serving party set would do little more than make individual bowls of slightly cooked vegetables. Which, all in all isn’t such a bad thing: add some broth and have a soup party. For about $90, you can find out.

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***UPDATE 8/15/2013***
Here is a link for a seller on Amazon:
BP 2973 Wok-Set

And here is the site of the manufacturer, Tristar:
Wokset 6 colored wok pans – Crepe and baking plate BP-2973

Double bonus: Turns out the contraption can be used as a crepe pan. Thanks, Nicole!
Tristar Wokset 6 colored wok pans - Crepe and baking plate BP-2973

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Four times the pizza party


One of the most enjoyable food dilemmas out there is what to put on your pizza. While there are no incorrect answers (like putting ketchup on a hot dog), chances are that not everyone is going to side with your anchovy, pineapple and garlic preferences. Sure, you can make pizza with one half topped one way, and the other half topped another way, but then you only have half of a pizza the way you really want it. Wouldn’t you rather just have the whole pie the way you want it? Or better yet, four of ‘em.

Okay, so this Pizza Pan Set is all about sharing and those four pies aren’t all going to one place (hopefully). No matter what you want on your pizza, with four pies in the oven, everybody is going to get a slice. If you’re lucky there may even be some of that anchovy special left over.

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Party like a Jerk with this wine dispenser

Vacu Vin Wine Tender

Boxed wine may not be the taboo it once was, but that doesn’t mean you want to look at the packaging while drinking it. Pretty much the first thing anybody who has ever bought a box of wine has done is look inside the box. (Well, maybe the second: pouring a glass is usually the first.) Lurking inside is a silver colored bag that looks like something an astronaut would drink out of. At this point the wine in a bag can be left in the box, removed for the sake of novelty, or placed in the Vacu Vin Wine Tender

While Navin R. Johnson may still have a leg up on you when it comes to enjoying wine, at least you too can now entertain in style. The wine dispenser comes complete with the ability to keep your wine chilled and your guests entertained for hours. If you’ve got a big backyard with Grecian statues, s-shaped hedges and three swimming pools you’re in luck, because this wine cooler would fit right in.

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Stealthy prepping with Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep

Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep

Little known fact: (European) ninjas love margaritas served with salsa. So much in fact that we now have the Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep to contend with. Far from being an adversary unworthy of our attention, the combination appliance mimics a food processor and a blender. Using an interchangeable motor head to supply the power, the “Master Pod” can be switched on the fly from the 48-ounce pitcher to the 2-cup processor and back again all without spilling a drop.

Using “Ninja Blade technology”, perfect drinks are created with one-touch pulsing action, while the processor minces, dices, chops, blends and purees with “no soggy results”. Sneaking in another batch of margaritas while prepping the rest of the meal never sounded so dangerous.

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On with the gifts, off to the wine

Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Wine lovers are perhaps the easiest people to buy gifts for. You can always buy them a bottle of wine and be done with it. Or, you can delve into the deep, deep world of wine accessories. From decanters to bottle stoppers, gadgets exist at every price and interest level. For an impressive gift, decanters are the way to go, and since they come in so many shapes and varieties, they offer a good opportunity to add a little personal flair.

The Metrokane Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System is a unique decanter that combines form and function. Deceivingly simply in presentation, the decanter features a wine-spray funnel that directs wine to the glass walls, creating a shimmering wine waterfall. Designed to aerate as the wine descends, the tiny droplets pick up oxygen as they spray down the sides. Additionally, a fine mesh screen in the funnel filters out sediment, which further makes the wine immediately ready to enjoy. The best part is, that with ready-to-drink wine on the table, it’s easy to get past the gift giving and on to the celebrating.

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