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A Party Tray For The Undecided

Party Traveler Set

Many people have one party treat that is their go-to creation for potlucks. And then, some people can never make up their mind. Whichever side of the fence one happens to fall on, the last thing anybody wants is to be restricted by equipment. When it comes to party treats, oftentimes that means getting the hors d’oeuvres to the party. (After all, there is a reason those crazy cake challenges on TV require the elaborate creations to be carried across the stage.) No matter what creation you’re inspired to bring, the Party Traveler Set can help you get it there.

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Don’t Puzzle Over Which Wine Glass Is Yours

Puzzle Wine Glass Markers

Presented with a puzzle that consists of only six pieces, most wine drinkers might suspect that they have been given some sort of sobriety test. However, these colorful little markers are meant solely to keep your wine glass in check. Whether or not you wish to put together these Puzzle Wine Glass Markers is entirely up to you, but they are probably more useful in solving the question of whose wine glass it is that you’re about to drink—especially for the girls if they all have a similar shade of lipstick on that night.

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Spin And Dip

B. Smith Lazy Susan with Serving Bowls Set

Everybody loves dip; not everybody loves everything that goes with it. Carrots and cauliflower pieces are often passed by for a pretzel stick or some kind of chip. In the end, salty and starchy wins over healthy and natural. However all that reaching over the veggies is sure to cause some sort of guilt trip. Better to just spin them out of the way altogether.

The B. Smith Lazy Susan with Serving Bowls Set features a revolving base allowing for the best snacks to always be within reach. The four porcelain serving bowls each hold 11-ounces, while the top large bowl hold 21-ounces. The bowls are all microwave, oven and dishwasher safe so clean up and prep is a breeze. A small tea light in the center helps to keep the dip warm, no matter how many broccoli florets get passed by.

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Go Ahead: Double Dip That Chip

The Ooma Bowl

The dreaded double dip: nobody likes it except the dip-ee. But perhaps blame should not only fall upon the offending dipper, but also on the host. People will double dip: it is a fact of life. While there is no getting around human behavior, there is a solution to this understandably important problem.

The Ooma Bowl designed by Thomas Both gives hors d’oeuvre-lovin’ partygoers a chance to double dip to their heart’s content. The two-bowl design of the 16-ounce capacity (in total) dish is perfect for any number of combinations: chips and salsa, beans and rice, veggies and dip. A little this and a little that, and it doesn’t matter in which order–and all without any of that icky unintentional sharing.

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Slow cooker serving buffet triples what’s for dinner

Maxi-Matic EWMST-33 Elite Gourmet Triple Slow Cooker Buffet

You know the problem with slow cookers? They’re slow. While that may be a benefit to the actual cooking process, it does nothing for the eating process. (Well, until all that patience pays off, that is.) By the time dinner is done, it is completely likely that your appetite has shifted and you are in the mood to eat something totally different. But with a slow cooker filled with delicious stew or soup right in front of you, it’s hard to resist—even though it’s not exactly what you wanted.

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Keep your cheese (and friends) in line

Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives

Putting out a cheese plate at a party is a sure-fire way to create a mess. Party-goers attack the hors d’oeuvres all willy-nilly, spreading cheese bits all over the place. As much fun as it is to entertain for your friends, it is no fun cleaning up after them. So, either get a bunch of new, cleaner friends or give them less of a reason to make a mess.

The Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives is a cheese palette designed to keep cheese-related messes to a minimum. Encouraging guests to keep the cheese on the board, a stainless-steel cutting wire is integrated at one end. As for knives: don’t give guests an excuse to try to make room for a knife somewhere on the table—it will just end up on the floor. The magnetic fence at the back of the board should do nicely for keeping them (the knives) in place. Truly this cheese board is a better option than serving those processed cheese singles you may have been thinking about.

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