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Double The Interior Of Your Microwave

Helman Dual Microwave Stand DMW-83

Microwaves are fantastic devices, allowing for leftovers to be quickly and easily reheated. However, as efficient as the appliances may be, they aren’t too hot at heating more than one plate at a time. Most any microwave has room to spare when only one plate is placed inside of it, but as anybody who has suffered squished side dishes knows, all that space is usually better off left alone.

The Helman DMW-83 Dual Microwave Stand changes that by allowing two plates to be stacked together without any fear of a mash-up. The 3-inch tall stand doubles the usable interior of the microwave without adding a second oven. At a price of only $2.99, it seems a reasonable way to get more out of your microwave, Or, for the truly space-conscious individual, pick up a case of forty.

September 1, 2010   No Comments

Eggo Storage Won’t Leggo

Helman WSC-054 Eggo Waffle Storage Container

It’s hard to consider an Eggo as something necessary to take extra steps to protect, but then again, when you get your hands on one it’s apparently hard to leggo. While a well-designed marketing catch phrase may have increased Eggo paranoia for all time, usually concern for the frozen waffles doesn’t extend to the freezer. The Helman WSC-054 Eggo Waffle Storage Container would like to change that. While it may not come with a catchy slogan, the storage container for the freezer saves space while keeping the precious waffles safe and sound in an airtight environment. Frost-free Eggos can finally be yours. (Or for whoever gets ‘em first.)

July 30, 2010   No Comments