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The Shakers That Wobble

Wobble Mini Grinders

Everybody knows that it is impolite to play with your food, but what about condiments and spices? Well, at least when it comes to salt and pepper, it seems to be okay. The Wobble Mini Grinders encourage mealtime fun with their rounded bases. At the table they may pose as a mundane accessory, but just try not to set them rocking. If they’re anything like those Weebles of yore, it might take until the end of the meal to knock them down.

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Pepper Grinder For The Homesick

Chef'n Create-a-Grind Pepper Grinder

Nothing beats a home cooked meal (except for a home cooked meal that has no dirty dishes), but unfortunately it is not always possible to have one. While homemade taste may not always be possible, a taste of home can.

Freshly ground black pepper may or may not remind you of home, but the Chef’n Create-a-Grind Pepper Grinder certainly can. Featuring a hollow perimeter designed to allow a 4×6 photo to be slid in, the clear grinder allows for memories to be nestled in amongst the peppercorns. Complete with a steel rasp and a mechanism for an adjustable grind, the grinder adds a little touch of home at any table.

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Safe To Touch After Handling: Chili Grinder

Alessi Piccantino Chilli Cruncher designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

Nuclear-hot red chili peppers add a decisive kick to what could be an otherwise boring meal. However it’s exactly the fact that they are so damn hot that can make them too hot to handle. Literally. Releasing endorphins is great and all, but it doesn’t count if they’re triggered via hot pepper in the eye. The same volatile oil that can make eating hot pepper so enjoyable, is the same one that can stick to the fingers and end up in the most unwelcome of places.

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Portable pepper

Thumb-Operated Pump Mills

Pepper shakers at restaurants are just for show. Otherwise, the salt would look lonely. So we include another shaker, fill it with what once was a tasty spice, and pass it off as pepper. While this impulse may satisfy our instinct for paring off, our palates suffer with dry, tasteless pepper that might as well be sawdust.

These small Thumb-Operated Pump Mills bring portability to pepper. Measuring 5.5-inches long, the stainless steel mills feature not only a small size, but also one-handed operation. So pass the pepper at the table—literally—and grind your own with a push of a button.

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Grind your own chuck daily

Deni Professional Meat Grinder, Model 3500

Why let the fat cats in the meat establishment decide what should constitute a burger? With the Deni Professional Meat Grinder, you can decide for yourself. Create custom sausages or burgers by grinding beef, chicken, venison, turkey or anything else you can think of. Or, just stick with the classics and grind your own fresh chuck daily.

With an 800-watt motor that grinds up to three pounds of meat per minute, you’ll be enjoying better, tastier and safer burgers and sausages in no time. The counter-top kitchen appliance comes with three die-cast grinding discs for making everything from breakfast sausages to Polish and Italian sausages, and of course, ground beef for burgers.

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The sound of one hand grinding salt and pepper

Salt & Pepper Grinder

Salt and pepper make everything taste better. The two common spices find their way into practically every meal. While the popularity of salt and pepper cannot be debated, delivery method of said spices certainly can be. Salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. When it comes down to it, as fun as all these variations may be, all we want to do is season our food.

This Salt & Pepper Grinder set connects at the middle forming a cool hourglass shape, or, the grinders can be used individually. Best of all, operation is performed by using just one hand—perfect for prep work when having two clean hands is always a luxury. While this kitchen gadget may not enlighten you to the sound of one hand clapping, when it comes to Zen at the dinner table, these grinders have you covered.

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