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Ring Bologna Stuffing

Looks like the world needed this. Here, I’ll go ahead and google that for you:

Ring bologna stuffing has now been invented.

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Bob Evans New Sausage Design; Still 16-Ounces

The new Bob Evans packaging shows off a more contemporary, yet relaxed look. It depicts Bob Evans’ consistent farm-fresh goodness with images of his farm and his promise.

Package design changes from time to time; the idea is by changing the package, the product will attract new customers. This should come as no surprise, we have all spent an extra second or two hovering over an often-used product that has been repackaged. Usually we decipher the new colors and symbols rather quickly and throw it in the cart without a second thought. For the marketers and designers behind the scenes however, this is very serious business.

Bob Evans announced that the packaging for its food product line will be given an overhaul. An example is the sausage roll pictured above. Hopefully, given the amount of time and effort spent on the redesign they knew enough to not change the amount of sausage in the package from 16-ounces to 12-ounces. (And yes, this post was just an excuse to add that internet-classic link.)

Read the rest of the press release below.

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Grind your own chuck daily

Deni Professional Meat Grinder, Model 3500

Why let the fat cats in the meat establishment decide what should constitute a burger? With the Deni Professional Meat Grinder, you can decide for yourself. Create custom sausages or burgers by grinding beef, chicken, venison, turkey or anything else you can think of. Or, just stick with the classics and grind your own fresh chuck daily.

With an 800-watt motor that grinds up to three pounds of meat per minute, you’ll be enjoying better, tastier and safer burgers and sausages in no time. The counter-top kitchen appliance comes with three die-cast grinding discs for making everything from breakfast sausages to Polish and Italian sausages, and of course, ground beef for burgers.

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