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The Sound Of One Hand (Opening Cans)

Chef’n EZ Squeeze Can Opener

Two hands are better than one, but that doesn’t mean they should be dedicated to doing the same thing at the same time. At least when it comes to cans, there is a way to double your productivity. The EZ Squeeze Can Opener by Chef’n features a stainless steel cutting blade and a magnetic end for catching lids. The main highlight is its easy one-handed operability, freeing the other hand for doing other tasks like grinding salt and pepper, or opening even more cans. (As long as you’re right-handed with both hands or are into opening cans upside-down.)

February 17, 2010   No Comments

Mind the tea: Steeping in Zen

Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser

Zen Buddhism teaches us to be mindful. Certainly, part of the lesson of mindfulness is learning to not tromp around like a bull in a china shop. Clearly, when using this particular teapot, that lesson must be observed.

Delicate in nature, this Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser makes for an elegant display of tea service. The integrated infuser steeps loose-leaf tea, while the included wooden stand prevents stains by raising the teapot off of the table. Tea, as is life, is fleeting. Enjoy it while it lasts, or breaks—whatever the case may be.

September 10, 2009   No Comments

The sound of one hand grinding salt and pepper

Salt & Pepper Grinder

Salt and pepper make everything taste better. The two common spices find their way into practically every meal. While the popularity of salt and pepper cannot be debated, delivery method of said spices certainly can be. Salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. When it comes down to it, as fun as all these variations may be, all we want to do is season our food.

This Salt & Pepper Grinder set connects at the middle forming a cool hourglass shape, or, the grinders can be used individually. Best of all, operation is performed by using just one hand—perfect for prep work when having two clean hands is always a luxury. While this kitchen gadget may not enlighten you to the sound of one hand clapping, when it comes to Zen at the dinner table, these grinders have you covered.

August 6, 2009   5 Comments