Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

When using barbecue sauce right out of the bottle there is little reason to pour it into a bowl before slopping it on the chicken and ribs. Why have an inbetweener? While emptying it out straight from the bottle might be fast, it’s not the best way to get maximum coverage, but slathering it on… Continue reading Barbecue Basting Straight From The Bottle

100-Year Old Sauce

What makes it to 100-years old? People, occasionally. Dyer’s in Memphis uses 100-year old grease. Of course, booze and wine get better with age. Then there are the condiments. Which goes well with booze, wine, burgers and people of any age. Read on for a little history about Heinz 57 Sauce.

Chocolate Chilli Mustard

There is always room in the fridge for one more condiment. And if that one more condiment happens to be a mustard/chocolate/chili flake combination, well, then perhaps it’s time to clean out the fridge. Clearly, Uncle Roy’s Chocolate Chilli Mustard is the last condiment you will ever need. (Via Cool Material)

Golden Krust Sauce And A Jerk Burger To Boot

You gotta love it when a company includes recipes in a press release. In this case, Golden Krust Bakery has included a couple of recipes in honor of their new line of condiments. And actually, they sound pretty good. Check out the Island Flavored Ketchup: The perfect accompaniment to savory dishes, this blend of herbs,… Continue reading Golden Krust Sauce And A Jerk Burger To Boot

Portion Control For Squeeze Bottle Condiments

Not all squeeze bottles are made the same. Some, like ketchup, have lids with a hole in the center to constrict the flow while squeezing. And then some don’t. Salad dressings are often packaged in bottles that don’t have appropriate lids. So, you squeeze and always get more dressing than salad in the bowl.