Apples Everywhere

Apple Decor Stick-on Kitchen Decals by Collections Etc

Perhaps kitchen decorating should be left to the professionals. Then again, if you know you like apples, you know you like apples. And if you like apples, you’ll love the Apple Decor Stick-on Kitchen Decals by Collections Etc. The set of thirty decals adhere anywhere and everywhere in the kitchen–and perhaps best of all they are entirely reusable. Apples everywhere, forever!

UPDATE 3/14/12: Looks like they are sold out, but as a consolation–and sticking with the apples everywhere theme–check out these Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers W/ Apple Design by Collections Etc. Now even stove and refrigerator handles can get in on the act!


  1. The ones in the comment above for like 10 bucks say any smooth surface. I’d go by the ratings though. Good luck!

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