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Breakfast (Machine) is finally ready

Platform21 Breakfast Machine

It took a couple of weeks, but breakfast is finally ready. Platform21 set out on a project to create the Breakfast Machine: A Rube Goldberg-type contraption designed to make breakfast as complicated as possible. As long as you like toast with jam, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee you’re all set.

Platform21 Breakfast Machine wide view

Yuri Suzuki and artist Masa Kimura created the masterpiece (with a lot of hungry friends). Now if we can just get that all in a box and off to marketing… Video after the jump breakfast.

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Kid-friendly Krustbuster crimps crusts clean off


If you’ve got little ones running about, chances are when it comes to sandwiches, they prefer them with the crusts cut off. It also is highly probable that at times you wish they would make them on their own. However, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich can turn into a messy fiasco as kids try to master the art of sandwich construction. At least when it comes to the crust-removal department, there is a solution.

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Weekend waffles ready for anything

Four Square Belgian Flip Waffler by CucinaPro

Everybody loves waffles. How could they not? Waffles serve as the perfect platform for weekend breakfast. They can be sweet or savory, and can accommodate almost any topping from chicken to eggs.

There’s no getting around it; if you want to make waffles you are going to need a waffle iron. The Four Square Belgian Flip Waffler by CucinaPro can help you out. Creating four waffles a time, the waffle maker utilizes a turn-able design to assure even results. Waffle batter is poured on to the extra thick heating plates, and then flipped to assist in even baking. The heavy baking plates create even heat distribution, while the gravity assisted baking keeps the batter from sinking to one side. The result is a delicious evenly cooked waffle ready for anything you can think of to top it with. Let the weekend begin!

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Price Alert: Breakfast Center keeps breakfast together

Cooks 3-in-1 Breakfast Center

Everybody loves breakfast. Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but it also happens to be good at any time of the day. Morning, noon or night, bacon, eggs, coffee and toast make for an excellent meal. These components may define what a breakfast is, but sadly, they are not always served together. With the Cooks 3-in-1 Breakfast Center these all-important breakfast favorites can always be together.

The combination appliance features a 4-cup coffee maker, an 8-inch by 10.5-inch griddle and a 4-slice toaster oven. Measuring 16-inches by 14-inches with a height of 13-inches, the 1300W countertop appliance makes it easy to cook up breakfast essentials all in one place—at any time of the day. Only $39.99 at JC Penney.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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No more boring round pancakes

Garden Creatures Pancake Molds

Pancakes are more fun when they are not round. Something that lives inside each and every one of use inspires us to manipulate pancake batter as often as we can. Perhaps it is because the pancake is so round that we are urged to improve upon it. After all, it pretty much is a round blank canvas, and maple syrup only goes so far.

If you’re not the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity type, then perhaps you can indulge your pancake-manipulating fantasies with the Garden Creatures Pancake Molds. A set of three, including a snail, a butterfly and a ladybug, the nonstick cookware makes transforming your breakfast into an easy affair. Just pour in the batter and after it sets remove the mold. The result is a metamorphasized breakfast meal and a deep inner satisfaction that no boring ol’ round pancake is safe around you.

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Popcake pops out pancakes automatically

Popcake, the automatic pancake making machine

Pancake eating contests can really put a strain on a kitchen. All the measuring, whisking, pouring and flipping can certainly get in the way of all the other cooking that needs to be done. No offense to all the great pancake chefs out there, but the only fair way to hold a pancake eating contest is to make sure every pancake is exactly the same. While I doubt Popcake, the automatic pancake making machine was made specifically for such events, I’m betting the device is capable of producing some pretty consistent results. At 180 pancakes per hour, it certainly should be able to keep pace.

Teflon coated belts cook the pancakes without fats or oils and deliver the finished pancakes into one convenient stack. Pancake size and color is adjustable, and several varieties of Popcake mix are available. The foodservice industry may not be too interested in pancake eating contests, but for convenient pancake making, Popcake can’t be beat. (It’s also apparently the only automatic pancake making machine available.)

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