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Doctor Who Tardis Teapot

Doctor Who Tardis Teapot

There is nothing better than unlicensed handmade paraphernalia, especially when it comes to cultural items of the British Empire. The Doctor Who Tardis Teapot is a stoneware teapot formed into the shape of a blue police box. It might not travel through space and time like the Tardis from the BBC series Dr. Who, but it will get you through tea time just fine.

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Kidsline BC200CHEF Ultimate Baby Chef Food Center

Baby Chef BC200CHEF Ultimate Baby Food Center by Kidsline

New parents don’t have a lot of time. In fact, reading beyond this sentence is probably a chore. Cutting to the chase…

Product description for the Baby Chef BC200CHEF Ultimate Baby Food Center by Kidsline:

Five machines in one, the Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center is an essential tool for busy parents and caregivers. This time-saving food center features a unique side-by-side steamer and food processor for simultaneous blending, chopping, reheating, and steaming. The large processing jar includes a storage lid, so you can make food in advance to store in the fridge or toss the jar into your diaper bag for on-the-go meals. The space-saving design and convenient accessories make this the only equipment you’ll need to provide healthy, nutritious meals for your growing baby.

* All-in-1 Machine: It steams, chops, blends, purees, defrosts, warms – even accommodates baby bottles
* Side-by-side meal prep: steam and blend at the same time
* BPA-free with “Same Time” dual function controls
* Space-saving side drawer with tongs, spatula, and lid Included
* Measuring cup and bottom cord storage included
* L 10.5 x W 6.1 x H 14.2
* Imported

And if you made it this far, you must not be a new parent! But rest assured, Barnes & Noble would still be happy to sell you one as a gift. Baby Chef BC200CHEF Ultimate Baby Food Center by Kidsline.

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Dial Up A Microwave Meal

General Dial Type Microwave

Ah, the good old days when phones and microwaves required dialing. In this push-button, fast-paced modern existence it can be hard to slow down and enjoy a nice batch of microwave popcorn. The General Dial Type Microwave can help. Featuring a stainless steel design and 1000-watts of power, the microwave is on par with its modern counterparts. Because it is, after all, brand-new. As for a dial-up phone, that’s probably best left in the past considering how hard it would be to retrieve voice-mail messages. Leftovers, however, always have a place in the home.

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Roll In The Fourth

Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler 65 Quart Capacity

With the sound of exploding fireworks still reverberating in our collective heads, it’s time to get back to work. Better not look in the backyard then. The landscape of empties leftover from the Fourth of July backyard BBQ might not look so appealing. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if one could roll away the bottles and cans with the same enthusiasm they were originally brought out to the backyard to begin with. The Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler might be able to help. With a 65-quart capacity the rolling cooler has room enough for 100 cans of beer (or soda, I suppose). Perfect for restocking and rolling back in the house to help celebrate the Fifth of July.

***UPDATE 10/1/13*** The link above has been changed from (sold out) to amazon (in stock!) Keep the party rolling!

Patio Pool Deck Beverage Ice Cooler 65 Quart Solid Steel Box Home Party Rolling

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Have A Drink With The Bronx Bombers

The Autographed Authentic Yankee Stadium Seat Barstool

Re-inventing an item is a good way to get maximum usage out of an object. When they tore down Yankee Stadium, thousands of artifacts became available for re-purposing. And for sale. If you have a bar in need of a barstool (and an extra $8000 laying around), The Autographed Authentic Yankee Stadium Seat Barstool is just for you. And if the thought of sitting on autographs of Jeter and A-Rod make you squeamish, a non-autographed version will only set you back a grand.

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Krups Citrus Press Brings Freshly-Squeezed Home

Krups Citrus Press

Few things hit the spot quite like a glass of freshly-squeezed juice. Healthy and nutritious, every sip refreshes in a way that does not compare to the stuff that comes out of a carton. Yet, convenience wins, and more often than not if juice is to be had, it will be poured from a half-gallon container. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Offering the convenience of countertop accessibility, the Krups Citrus Press provides easy access to freshly-squeezed juice. Featuring a pour spout and a motorized lever, all that stands in the way of having fresh juice is a press of the lever. That and some limes, lemons, oranges or grapefruit to squeeze too, of course.

***Update 5/14/15***
Link updated. Juice on:

KRUPS ZX7000 Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Press with Manual and Automatic Settings, Silver

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