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Things To Do: Buy Beer

Haier 1.7-Cubic-Ft. HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write Fridge

Having a small, dedicated fridge for the garage (or office, as the case may be) is a beer-drinkers luxury that offers much-appreciated convenience. However, the same small size that can be such a convenience can also be a hindrance, as it constantly needs to be refilled. Luckily, some appliances are prepared. The Haier 1.7-Cubic-Ft. HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write Fridge tells you when it’s empty (assuming you remember to jot it down, that is). Complete with non-permanent markers and eraser, the mini-fridge not only keeps cold items always within reach, but also provides for that all-important artistic outlet that inevitably occurs while emptying out the fridge.

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Dirty Dishes Dangling In The Wind Sounds Good

Dishware Wind Chime

One of the dangers of ordering things off the internet sight unseen is you never really know exactly what is going to be in that package when it arrives on your doorstep. Sometimes you open the box only to be sorely disappointed. It could be because of size or construction quality, or the worst one, where we end up saying, ‘well, I could have just made that myself.’

In the case of the Dishware Wind Chime you know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s a buncha dishes tied together made to rattle around in the wind. Sure you could make this one yourself, but then you’d be hung out to dry (literally) at dinnertime. Besides, who wants to raid their cupboard for a mismatched place setting when you could just order one? (Item #32264)

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Two Op-Art Kitchen Appliances

Prestige 1.5L Checked Dome Kettle

A kitchen appliance that plays tricks with your eyes isn’t necessarily the first thing you want to see in the morning. However, stunning design is always appreciated. With these two appliances you get both.

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1-Up All the Other Arcade Mugs

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Just when it was thought the pinnacle of videogame-themed drinkware was achieved, along comes a new player to the arcade. Featuring Pac-Man Pac Boy and Space Invader Space Intruder graphics, the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs make a game out of drinking coffee.

Revealing themselves in all their retro-styled graphical glory when filled with a hot beverage, the mugs transform from an empty game field to one filled with attacking aliens and pesky ghosts. It won’t take a pocketful of quarters to defeat these enemies: a few quick gulps of your morning brew and these baddies disappear. Which is a whole lot cheaper than pumping quarter after quarter in the machine to fight the good fight. So, in a way, these mugs actually pay for themselves.

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A Toast (and a Shot) to Atari

Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack

Inspired by a recent Nerd Approved post, I felt it necessary to coordinate my drinkware with retro video game art. Most important when updating a drinkware collection is the necessity to acquire glasses for any occasion, from a black tie affair, for which this Atari Black Pint Glass 4 Pack would be appropriate, to everyday use such as the pint glasses in the Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack would provide. Of course, no evening would be complete without the Atari Shot Glass 6 Pack.

And it should go without saying, coffee in the morning is necessary to wash the shame away. Only one coffee cup in the world would suffice: Atari “You Never Forget Your First” Coffee Mug.

What better way to celebrate Atari than by putting them in a gallery…

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Always have a fully stocked fridge

X-Ray Kitchen Fridge Wall Sticker

Measuring 29.5-inches by 19.5-inches, this X-Ray Kitchen Fridge Wall Sticker should fit nicely on your refrigerator door. Whether or not it is an accurate portrayal of the goods inside, well, that’s entirely up to you. In any event, the vinyl sticker is reusable, and part of a pretty cool looking set that features pieces appropriate for every room, from the bar to the living room, and yes, even to the bathroom.

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