Two Op-Art Kitchen Appliances

Prestige 1.5L Checked Dome Kettle

A kitchen appliance that plays tricks with your eyes isn’t necessarily the first thing you want to see in the morning. However, stunning design is always appreciated. With these two appliances you get both.

It’s probably safe to say the Prestige 1.5L Checked Dome Kettle and the Prestige 2-Slice Checked Toaster won’t blend into just any kitchen décor. But that’s okay, because they aren’t supposed to. Featuring op-art styling, the monochrome design is meant to stand out. As a pleasant alternative to other kitchen gadgetry that utilizes garish design as a scream for attention, this pair of countertop appliances may be conspicuous, but with their black and white design, at least they won’t clash with the kitchen curtains.

(Via Appliancist)

Prestige 2-Slice Checked Toaster

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