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Bok Choy that never spoils

Jadeite Cabbage with Insects

Of course you wouldn’t want to actually eat this cabbage, not because it is over a hundred years old, but because it is made from jadeite. The carved Jadeite Cabbage with Insects dates from the late Ch’ing Dynasty (1644-1911) and even features a locust and katydid on the leaves. While this awesome carving may not exactly blend into the vegetable drawer, it sure would look great sitting on the kitchen counter.

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Painting with wine

Stemglass Tray

It’s not an artist’s palette, but after using this you can pretend you are one. Developed by a restaurant in Japan, the Stemglass Tray allows for easy carrying of up to seven wine glasses at a time. Complete with thumbhole for easy steadying, the wine tray encourages responsible drinking; it looks as if one gets too tipsy the whole thing comes crashing down.

Of course, this is designed for restaurant use, so there should be no problem with the waiters drinking on the job, since they’re all starving artists anyways. I’m sure they’re getting their drink on when attacking the canvas after work. Oh wait, waiters are often struggling actors, right? We might have a problem then.

(Boing Boing via TokyoMango)

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Eat it or wear it (don’t eat it)

The Polymer Clay Cookbook

Not all cookbooks are meant for cooking up delicious food. Sometimes, they cook up delicious jewelry. While you won’t actually want to eat any of the creations you cook up with The Polymer Clay Cookbook, that doesn’t mean they won’t look good enough to eat.

Using a step-by-step method, authors Jessica and Susan Partain guide readers through the process of creating wearable food miniatures. The book also includes a couple of recipes for food that you can eat. Apparently food jewelry making is an appetizing affair. Click on the source link for an interview and a little insight into the growing food jewelry trend.

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June 29, 2009   1 Comment

Rack ‘em up

Kitchen Grid Storage System

Kitchen walls tend to get overlooked as a means of storage. Even the ceiling gets more attention for those hanging pot and pan racks. However, it may be time to replace your kitchen décor with storage. (Or better yet, maybe just move your food art to another wall.)

The Kitchen Grid Storage System combines baskets, racks and containers, creating a system that is completely customizable. The large wall grid is the only piece that mounts to the wall. A utensil holder, a magazine rack, a basket and a spice rack are included, while more accessories are available. At almost three feet wide and just over two feet tall, this rack system offers plenty of space for all of your kitchen gadgets.

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