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Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

It’s pretty clear that there is always room for more on the snack shelf, despite the overcrowding. The trick, of course, is to make your product stand out amongst the bags of chips, pretzels and popcorn. One way to get noticed is to add something unique to your snack of choice. Like beef.

Cherkees Beef Jerky Potato Chips are a blend of potato chips and good old-fashioned beef–not beef-flavor, beef as in beef-beef. They come in recognizable flavors like Cracked Pepper, Teriyaki and Smokehouse, which begs the question: what the heck to eat them with?

Product Description:

Cherkees are a hybrid of two delicious snack foods; beef jerky and potato chips. These are NOT beef jerky flavored potato chips. Cherkees are beef jerky and potato chips at the same time! Real lean beef and crispy potato finally meet. Cherkees are indeed unusual: very low in fat, high in protein, not fried. Ingredients include; potato, beef, onion, soy, spices. Package size: 5.8 oz.

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Seeing Double With Two Times The Toast

Hamilton Beach 24121 SmartToast 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster

When an appliance only offers half of what is needed there is really only one solution: glue a second one to it! Now, that is probably not what happened to this Hamilton Beach 24121 SmartToast 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster, but it sure looks like it. Either that or we are all seeing double–and it’s a bit early in the weekend for that.

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What Is It?

What is it?

It’s an accessory…

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The Cake That Bites Back

Trophy by Scott Hove. Acrylic and Mixed Media on Polyurethane Foam, 18

Artist Scott Hove creates cake that is not meant for eating. Well, not meant to be eaten by you at least. A lot more to see over at his not-so-sugary website.

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Egg Pillow: A Place To Rest Your Eggs

Vacu Vin Egg Pillow

Why yes, there is a need for a place to set down hard-boiled eggs. And yes, of course it should offer a soft landing. Like a pillow. Of course. An egg pillow. The Vacu Vin Egg Pillow.

Product description:

Egg Pilllow
Vacu Vin Egg Pillows bring colour to your breakfast table! Your boiled eggs can lay comfortably on their coloured pillows waiting to be consumed. After use, the Egg Pillows can be washed in the washing machine.

* Holds your egg in place
* Fun and easy to use
* Washing machine safe

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Lodge Enamel 11-Inch Skillet

Lodge Enamel 11-inch Skillet

There isn’t much kitchen gear that only requires a single purchase; things break, wear out or just become obsolete. However, when it comes to cast iron cookware, that sentiment is thrown out the window. The Lodge Enamel 11-Inch Skillet is a highly durable piece of cookware that will help to create many a meal. And it will probably last longer than that Hot Dog Factory you may have been thinking about.

Product Description:

With high sides and heat-retentive qualities of cast iron, the Lodge 11″ enamel skillet is perfect to deep fry, bake, broil or marinate. This revolutionary cast-iron cookware features black porcelain enamel interior, ensuring easy release of food and mess-free cleanup. No seasoning required. This enameled cookware has the superior heat conductivity to fry, braise, saute or deglaze and produce exceptional results. Adds golden-crisp texture to rolls, casseroles and desserts. Preferred for durability and low maintenance, the even-heating base, side walls and solid weight of cast iron seals in moistness to create health meals with country-style homemade flavor.

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