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Skinny Oven For Big Food

Danby DER2009W 20-inch Electric Range

The Danby DER2009W Electric Range is only 20-inches across, but features four burners and a 2.6-cubic-foot capacity oven. It may look like a miniature, but considering that it can bake, boil and broil, the appliance brings everything that is needed to the kitchen. And it makes real food too, not those little dollhouse miniatures that look so good, but aren’t very tasty. Not that I ever tried to eat one, of course.

Product description:
DER2009W is ultra-compact electric range measure only 20 inches wide but offer 4 burners plus an oven. Taking up a minimum amount of space, this range is the perfect addition to trailers, cottages or accessory apartments.

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Domino’s Pizza On The Moon

Maeda Corp's vision of what a Domino's Pizza outpost would look like on the moon.

Via The Telegraph: Maeda Corp's vision of what a Domino's Pizza outpost would look like on the moon.

Regional variations of pizza give the ubiquitous pie a flavor that goes beyond any perceived simplicity in the combination of sauce, cheese and crust. The debate will forever rage about NYC pizza vs. Chicago pizza. As well it should. Okay, fine. But moon pizza? We’ll just have to wait to see how that flies. That’ll be one small slice for man, one giant pizza pie for mankind! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

(Via Telegraph/Born Rich)

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Pickle Your Brains With These Mason Preserving Jars

Mason Preserving Jars

The key to zombie/human relations is sharing. Kitchen gadgets can help. Both zombies and humans are in need of good quality storage solutions. Zombies need a place to keep their (your) brains, and the not-undead need a place to store pickles. Therefore, these Mason Preserving Jars are a win/win. When the brains are all gone, the good zombie neighbor can lend their set out. Especially if the neighbor in question is the other segment of the population in need of quality brain storage, the evil mad scientists. Honestly, Abby Normal Soap In A Jar deserves a better fate.

Abby Normal Soap In A Jar

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Serving On A Cool Tray

Cool Tray

Serving chilled food on a hot tray isn’t the best way to keep the party going. Unless of course, it’s an eat-as-fast-as-you-can party. But for the rest of us, when it’s time to slow down and chill with some chilled food the Cool Tray can come in handy. The serving platter comes with an inner compartment meant to be filled with water. Pop it in the freezer and keep the snacks and spread cool without diluting the fun.

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Crystal Wine Server

Crystal Wine Server

Wine has been enjoyed for millennia. That’s a lot of lost drips and drops of wine. Put an end to the madness (and look good doing it) with the Crystal Wine Server. History will thank you. And it’s only $5.95.

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Egg Poacher Cup

Egg Poacher Cup

This five dollar Egg Poacher Cup could look like a variety of things. Just let your imagination run wild for a moment. For the sake of kitchen gadgets everywhere, let’s just say it looks like a cute, stainless steel animal of some sort. And it’s made of metal and it’s five bucks. There are a lot of egg poaching gadgets out there, but for a cheap and sturdy kitchen accessory you don’t have to be a whiz to see the value in this one.

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